What To Watch: 09/05/2021

We’ve got a rarity in these modern TV days as we here at Screen Scholars are offering four staff recommendations and all of them are appointment television on broadcast TV. OK, well, we don’t really care if you DVR them, but we do think you might want to watch these returns, bow outs, and standalone programs airing tonight.

Billions [Showtime, 9p]
So this might as well happen. My definition of a hatewatch returns for the second half of its fifth season–few are likeable in this show about Damian Lewis’ greedy billionaire pursued by a Paul Giamatti’s seedy politician. Brilliant but conflicted savant Taylor has some redeeming features and they were poised to take charge as Showtime hit pause on the fifth season. We’ll see what intriguing nonsense the rest of the year brings. 

The Chameleon Killer [ID, 9p]
iD’s new series examines Terry Peder Rasmussen, a serial murderer who went by a number of aliases, including Bob Evans. Among his many murders was a woman and three girls, who were hidden in Bear Brook State Park in New Hamprshire. Rasmussen died in 2010 and genetic testing continues to uncover the victims of his crimes. Many questions linger, however, and hopefully this series will lead to more answers.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow [The CW, 8p]
The fight against Bishop continues on the DC show’s season finale. The Legends may have to bed their own rules in order to win the day. Also we will miss you, John Constantine! If you like your superheroes tongue in cheek this is the show for you.

The L Word: Generation Q [Showtime, 10p]
Last week we were treated to a special appearance by Lenore as Alice dealt with the aftermath of her breakup with Nat. Lenore is doing well in her multilevel marketing scheme and that feels very on brand. Angie advocates for herself and asks Bette if they could all go to family therapy and continues to be a precious sweet baby angel. Dani runs away to Ojai, Micah yells at Sophie to go check on her, and there are unresolved feelings. This results in Sophie lying to Finley and breaking all of our hearts. This week’s episode promises to be packed with drama and if online rumors are to be believed we are in for another wild guest appearance. 


  • After a harrowing two-part season opener of the premier zombie show’s eleventh season, fans of the show who know the drill will likely expect a more sedate episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead tonight–but, hey, you never know with the show that keeps on keepin’ on (until it stops in a few months). The episode title is “Hunted,” soooooo…..
  • Another gritty show coming off a dramatic episode is TNT’s Animal Kingdom where tensions within the family in the post-Smurf (Ellen Barkin) world led to a brutal battle, and while there has already been some positive fallout in the form of tighter bonds, the true impact of the fisticuffs has yet to be seen.
  • Today’s installment of the 9/11 remembrance comes in the form of a Reelz documentary celebrating the capture and execution of Al Qaeda frontman Osama Bin Laden. It’s CIA vs. Bin Laden: First In.
  • The acclaimed Scottish thriller (first scripted program for the BBC Scottish venture), Guilt, finally reaches American shores as we get to see the story of two brothers who inadvertantly commit a crime and may or may not get away with it. And therein lies the intrigue. It sounds like a Masterpiece, so it must be on PBS.
  • We’re up to peak quirky kiwi here in America (could a reunion of New Zealand’s fourth most popular comedy folk band be far behind) and there’s a new episode of the excellent supernatural parody Wellington Paranormal. Tonight, the dynamic duo of cops we follow come face to face with their doppelgangers. We’ve fallen a bit behind, but we’re pretty sure this is a continuation of a plot hatched early in the season. It’s on The CW.
  • Let’s end our Sunday journey in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex). Our first of two offerings is on Up, but it fits the bill from the Hallmark-ier side of the void, as A Vineyard Romance sets the tale of our busy businesswoman and ruggedly handsome dude in the Pacific Northwest (see the Space Needle in the trailer). Back over on Lifetime we’ve got the provocatively titled Webcam Cheerleaders which will likely confuse a few sketchy dudes while delighting Lifetime’s fanbases of credulous goofy thriller fans and ironic gawkers. For some reason the Google search field went blank when I typed it in to find a synopsis, but its about a woman who transfers to her murdered sister’s college to uncover the true sordid reasons behind her death. And that’s a Sunday wrap on round-up guy or gal.

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