What To Watch: 09/04/2021

It’s Saturday, so the pickings are a bit slim, but we’re not going to leave you completely empty handed. If you love cute animals who were all the rage in the aughts, murderous cheerleaders (in the Lifetime way), or thought-provoking short films (or wedding dresses or pawn store profiteers), you’re in luck. Or scour our archives for recent shows to binge or movies to pop corn to–there’s been scads of fun new content released on TV and streaming the past few days.

Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty [BBC America, 9p]
Frankly, I’ll never get tired of watching the antics of these lil desert dwellers–perhaps it’s because I fell in love with them while wandering the San Diego Zoo weeks before they became a national craze or just because they are gd cute. In any case, they are back and BBC America’s got some more footage.

Party From Hell [Lifetime, 8p]
A successful businesswoman finds herself in a heap of trouble when her newly-hired party planner turns her world upside down because of a personal vendetta. I’m sure it has something to do with Eric Roberts, who stars (as the bumbling husband, we assume). Make it a double feature with Psycho Party Planner at 10! 


  • Honestly, 8:46–named after the amount of time George Floyd was on the ground before he died–should be one of our choices, so consider it an extra. It’s a showcase for Black filmmakers featuring a selection of short films aired in NYC a few weeks ago.
  • Otherwise, we’ve got a host of new episodes of mainstay reality shows like Say Yes To The Dress and Pawn Stars on TLC and History Channel, respectively. The one write-up I saw of the former sounded downright racist, but it would appear that Steve Carell was in the latter’s Las Vegas store recently (see hyperlink) and it was not at all staged, soooo….

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