What To Watch: 09/02/2021

The Staten Island vampires return and Guillermo has a lot to think about tonight as he is torn between two passions–the desire to join the nightwalkers and his blood duty to hunt them. Mwanwhile, another resilient show with a cult following returns for its unlikely 4th season on Peacock, drag queens have their final showdown for the 20th spot in the Drag Hall of Fame and love is in the air.

What We Do In The Shadows [FX, 10p]
Jermaine Clement’s vampires-in-NYC  returns for season three. Are you ready for the next chapter in a saga that is proving to be the best vampire fiction in years. Funny? As hell. Metaphorical? You bet your worn out copies of Anne Rice novels it is. But really, I’m watching for Matt Berry.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6 [Paramount+]
Last week the queens wrote and performed monologues for the panel of judges. Kylie continued to surprise with a great performance, Ginger did as well as we would have all expected, but it was Eureka who won the top prize with her bathroom humor. Anyone who didn’t win was in the bottom and ultimately the group decided to send Trinity. She will always be top 4 in my heart. This week is the finale! Who will take home the crown?

AP Bio [Peacock]
Mike O’Brien’s show has done wonders with all the second lives that its received. If you get over the classic school-based comedy dilemma (going back to Head of the Class) of how are the same group of supposedly gifted students still in the same class after four years, it’s a crafty show that balances the dark with non-saccharine moments of warmth. 

We Got Love: Teyana & Iman [E!, 10p]
This docuseries, which premiered a featurette last June, follows power couple Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert as they “embark on the ultimate life journey,” which includes their close friends, family, and daughters. I am loathed to recommend an E! celebrity series, but We Got Love seems to promise more, well, love than the grama of its peers. 


  • Given the involvement of reliable actors like Sean Hayes and Wanda Sykes, it’s surprising how controversial Q-Force, Netflix’s new animated series about a group of gay spies who form an alliance to workaround the marginalization they have felt in the fictional CIA stand-in, the AIA, has turned out to be. As the series starts, they are forced to add a straight team member (voiced by David Harbour) and that may be where the problem lies. Tone-wise, the show appears tonally to be somewhere between Archer and The Tick.
  • We’ve also got a returning edgy animated series today–or, more accurately, that show’s latest special–as Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Wizard City lands on HBO Max today.
  • Back over to Netflix, somewhere between Russian Doll and Cinderella (with a hint of CW glaze) lies Afterlife of the Party. The movie follows party animal Cassie as she dies while celebrating her birthday, but wakes up to a guardian angel giving her a second chance in the form of a righting-the-wrongs list that she has five days to complete or else face eternal hellfire. Rough crowd!
  • Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles returns tonight to start its astounding 13th season. Joshes Flagg and Altman are the old guard of the grandaddy of the Bravo show that launched three spinoffs and a legion of Zillow gawkers.
  • Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, and the Artist Formerly Known as Hootie are among the country music stars “bringing the heat” and “lighting up Nashville” for CMA Summer Jam on ABC.
  • The 2016 Trolls movie was far more entertaining than a kids toy marketing cash grab should be, but that may just be what the catchy Justin Timberlake song at the end of the flick hypnotized us to say. Then again Trolls World Tour had its moments as well. Trolls: Trolltopia returns for a fourth season on both Hulu and Peacock today.

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