Is Eight Elite?: Vote on the Final 8 Shows Left in Our Comedy TV “March” Madness!

We’re down to eight (great? you be the judge) shows remaining in our tournament. Nothing pre-dates 1989, the year two of the most iconic shows made their debut, each changing television in their own way. Also from the ’90s, we’ve got Garry Shandling’s consolation prize that became one of the best written shows of all time as he ably spoofed the genre which had (sort of) rejected him. Moving forward in time, we have the revolutionary mid-aughts sketch show that changed the game, even if it sent its creator to a remote island. Also remaining, from roughly the same point in time, we have Mitchell Hurwitz’s enduring meta masterpiece about the awful Bluth Family who we, well, never learned to love, but loved to laugh at. As that decade came to a close, two SNL besties created their first sitcoms, both of which would become critical and Emmy favorites, even if, like most of the shows here, they had to struggle to stay on the air at times. Finally, we have the most recent program, and the only to start within the last decade. While the show ended so that its stars could hawk rival credit cards and/or star in other indie critic darlings featuring profanity in their titles, we still love it and it rounds out our eight.

Thanks for being a part of this as we reach the last two weeks of this. Here’s the vote–and feel free to chime in a second time with even more feeling over at GBOAT!

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