What To Watch: 08/15/2021

It’s a relatively quiet Summer Sunday (a good time to catch up on voting in our Comedy TV Tourney) with one huge exception. Starz, a station that loves to release big concepts at down times, offers up a wrestling-themed soap opera that’s gathering some huge buzz.

Heels [Starz, 9p]
Whether you’re a fan of wrestling for the sport or the WWE-style entertainment–or if you just love an over-the-top soap opera in an entertaining world–there’s bound to be something for all these worlds in the Starz wrestling drama that boasts a stirring trailer and strong early reviews. It even features actual wrestler CM Punk as, what else, a heel. 

Pink Floyd: Breaking the Band [Reelz, 8p]
Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon stayed on the charts for 18 years, yet most bands members could walk down the street and you wouldn’t recognize them. So to say there’s always been a sense of mystery around the band is an understatement. This new doc on reelz that attempts to get to the bottom of that mystery? Will it succeed? Well that’s almost impossible, but you can still learn a lot.


  • Tonight’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is titled “Bored On Board Onboard” which explains a lot about this goofily lovable installment of the Detective Comics world. It is a bottle episode of sorts where the crew is simply longing to get back home, but as things go in superheroland, it’s likely not going to be that simple. Oh, and like with RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6, there is a game within a game–although this one is a board game, playing further into the punnery of the title.
  • Reelz is all about the prog rock titans today as in addition to chronicling the rise of Pink Floyd, their mini-docs look into another British band known for its innovative albums with grandiose themes (a band who also scored one and only one Billboard #1 hit in the 1980s). The band who spawned the solo careers of Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, as well as the awfully named 1980s hitmakers Mike & the Mechanics (all of whom had American chart toppers themselves) gets the Reelz profile treatment with Genesis: Breaking the Band.
  • If you’re a music nerd–and pretty much everyone here at Screen Scholars would qualify–you should feel at least a little giddy about Ahmet Zappa’s new project on AXS, Rock My Collection where people show off the music and paraphernalia around said music that stirs their passion.
  • Our LHV Sunday offering comes from the gentler, Hallmark side with the series that just sounds like sipping artisinal coffee under a quilt you wove yourself, Chesapeake Shores. The soft soap set in Maryland (we gotta presume anyway) is somehow entering its fifth season.

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