What to Watch: 08/09/2021

The Bachelorette is about to make her decision. Meanhwile, on the other side of town, the Superfriends have nothing to do with Taiki Watiti’s new show. That has to do with a group of young Native Americans stirring up trouble/action in rural Oklahoma. Oh, and The Wall keeps on… wallin’?

Reservation Dogs [Hulu]
Taiki Watiti is on a roll. His latest follows the comedic adventures of four indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma. You had me at the title and the representation. With Waititi as an executive producer, this one is a must watch.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
Last week Greg decided to leave after telling Katie that he loved her and not getting the response he was looking for. Katie was devastated and was sure there was no point continuing. We left off with her crying in the bathroom. Will things turn around? Or will Katie leave defeated and brokenhearted? Tune in to the THREE HOUR finale. 


  • We’re not sure if Chris Hardwick’s continued existence as the host of The Wall–the inexplicable Plinko-writ-large game show on ABC that returns for the second half of its fourth season today–is something that should not be or pennance for what we thought the world had decided he did. Was Ron Funches not available?
  • Netflix’s newest Anime, Shaman King, introduces the young girl Yoh Asakura who has thrown her hat into the ring to take part in a series of trials and challenges that comprise the first season of the series.
  • When we’re shopping for a house, the first thing we all say is make it cheap and make it old–although in fairness, we all are looking for a good deal and many will pony up extra for ancient mansions. In any case, Cheap Old Houses makes its debut on HGTV. It’s actually positive as it’s based on a reverential Instagram page run by Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein.
  • The Republic of Sarah, on The CW is the most intriguing premise that we have just not been able to get around to watching here at Screen Scholars. It’s about a woman who leads the resistance to a corporation’s malfeasance by incorporating her targeted town into a new country. Today, the titular Sarah is stretched to the limits by unburdening friends.
  • In the dept. of sassy animated shows featuring names and ampersands, on Tuca & Bertie, Bertie looks back on her friendship with Tuca, which means either a clips show or a variation of a clips show, while on Rick & Morty something happens that we’ll surely only understand on a superficial level because we just don’t understand the show like its true fans. Both are on Adult Swim.
  • Jessie James, not the outlaw or the mediocre 1980s white rapper but the kinda dick-ish Sandra Bullock ex, returns with a reboot of Monster Garage on Discovery. On its first episode, the vehicle on the cutting board is a 1965 Jaguar.

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