What To Watch: 08/06/2021

The premier anti-superhero team returns with one of the quickest reboots in history, a landmark LGBTQ+ show’s reboot hits its second season, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt writes-directs-acts-keygrips on a new show, and Lin-Manuel is a kinkajou. That’s what’s on TV today.

The L Word: Generation Q [Showtime]
Months of teasers, promo pics and subtweets have led to this moment. Who did Sophie choose? Is Tina moving full time to Los Angeles? What is Bette up to now that she’s no longer running for mayor? I am very ready to hop on this train of queer chaos. Available for streaming today and airing live on Showtime Sunday at 10p.

Mr. Corman [Apple TV]
It’s hard to tell whether Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s many random projects are who he is or a commitment to a particular eccentric persona. However, this write-direct-produce is pretty straightforward as he balances comedy and drama as a music teacher who still longs to become a performing star and tries to come to terms with his lot in life. So,  Soul without the afterlife?

The Suicide Squad [HBO Max]
I’m not one to throw the world genius around, but after watching suicide squad I’d say James Gunn is one. Funny, full of heart and balanced, I loved every second of it. But take it from me and watch it on HBO Max. Just don’t get too attached to anyone.


  • The non superhero big-time movie coming to streaming at the same time as its theater release, like the biggest series debut of the day, has a musical them. In Vivo, Lin-Manuel Miranda voices a Kinkajou whose quest is to sing a love song to Gloria Estefan’s Marta.
  • The third best Batman, but first best Nick Rivers (Top Secret!… anybody?), Val Kimer, has been videotaping parts of his life for, well, since a few years before 1984’s Top Secret! Amazon Prime’s Val is the fruits of his eccentric hobby.
  • The makers of the popular Israeli series Fauda return with their newest thriller Hit & Run, which starts in Tel Aviv but moves the action to New York City early on. The series tells the story of Lior who teams up with an old lover to avenge the murder of his wife. Like their earlier series, this one is on Netflix.
  • Also on Netflix, the Tamil film Navarasa is an epic creation that winds together nine stories representing nine emotions (or “rasa”s).
  • That the undead have gotten their act together and formed armies would seem to be the premise of the Amazon Prime Spanish-language series S.O.Z.: Soldier or Zombies, one which wins our non-existent award for best named new series, even if we are a bit glutted with zombies at this moment in time.
  • Locusts are the creatures who have become ferocious in the new Netflix horror movie from France called The Swarm. French Rifftrax, you have your work cut out.
  • In Buffalo, New York, the new Discovery+ show would be called Blue Cheese to Table, but the rest of America has spoken and the new sustainable cooking show that has nothing to do with salad dressing is called Ranch To Table.
  • And then there was Lifetime where the movie of the night is Death She Wrote, a low-budget reboot of Murder, She Wrote, in which Jessica Fletcher just says “to hell with it” and admits she’s been doing all the killings in Cabot Cove (seriously, what is the crime rate in that town). Actually, it’s more of a low-budget Misery meets Single White Female.

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