What To Watch: 08/04/2021

Leading off tonight’s new TV we have what we’ve all been waiting for, a gritty Johnny Five reboot as we get an updated version of the classic 1986 movie featuring Ally Sheedy, a robot, and Fisher Stevens in brownface… wait, what?! That’s not what Short Circuit is?! It’s a collection of prestige Disney short animation? OK, that’s good too…

Short Circuit [Disney+]
The animation powerhouse showcases five new shorts in a variety of styles, all of which are likely shooting to catch Oscar’s eye.

Cooking with Paris [Netflix]
Debutante celeb Paris Hilton is certainly polarizing, but when she’s been able to poke a bit of fun at her persona, she’s been… watchable. Her SNL performance was nowhere near as bad as some people would have it. And her reality show with Nicole Ritchie had some hilarious, and even charming moments. From its trailer, the show seems to acknowlege how ridiculous it is. Even if she turns out to be insufferable as a cooking host, it’s worth tuning in for her cute dog and guest stars like Nikki Glaser and Demi Lovato. 


  • The Cocaine Cowboys are going to Miami! Well, obviously they’ve been there forever (see Scarface), but the long-running documentary org releases a new Netflix series, Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami, profiling the rise and fall of the drug business of childhood friends Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta.
  • The Mexican horror series Control Z kicks the Gossip Girl secrets-revealed genre up another notch as chaos ensues at a high school after a hacker exposes the things that students have fought to keep secret. Season 2 hits Netflix today.
  • The conceit of the Car Masters reality series is that its focus, Gotham Garage (in the L.A. area), specializes in creating unique vehicular creations out of repurposed and abandoned parts. Its roadster frankensteins can turn out both comical and surprisingly elegant. Its third season debuts on Netflix today.
  • We’re gonna end on a new HGTV show that we include not because we know what it is and that it looks great, but because it has an awesome name–Breaking Bland. Interior designer Mary Welch Fox Stasik (about whom, the network website calls “spunky”) helps redesign homes on the fly.

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