What To Watch: 08/03/2021

It’s not a spectacularly busy day, but there’s international sportspeople to watch, as well as a few good documentaries. Here’s what we’re suggesting for this sleepy Tuesday.

Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union [HBO, 9p]
Tonight marks the debut of a three part documentary series on the eight year presidency of Barack Obama. Given the historical importance of his time in office it could have been 10 parts, but HBO has a pretty solid record when it comes to documentaries so I’m sure they will cover a lot. In a country still haunted by a fascist leader it’s good to be reminded of when we changed the world and elected the first African American president.

Pray Away [Netflix]
The title of this new Netflix documentary is short for “pray away the gay,” the rhyming mantra of the self-loathing evangelical in which gay people were taught to believe they could “turn” straight. Now, thanks to the funny guys at Mr. Show, I can only look at this movement with laughter, as to a degree they should be. However, it’s important to also be reminded how banally evil the idea was and just how many lives were destroyed by those who followed its teachings and denied their true selves. This documentary talks to some of the leaders who regret the monster they created.  

Olympics 2020 Primetime [NBC, 8:00p]
The Women’s Park Skateboarding event starts at 8p with the final slated to begin at 11:30p. After the excitement around last week’s Street Skateboarding event, I am looking forward to seeing how these women approach the bowl. All eyes are on Sky Brown as she makes her olympic debut. 


  • The German documentary Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord can be seen as a companion piece to White Boy Rick, both on Netflix, if you wanted to binge on youthfful drug dealers for whatever reason (hey, you do you). Its subject, given name Maximillian Schmidt, is also the inspiration for the series How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast), also on Netflix (so you can make a whole day of it, you weirdos).
  • Speaking of weirdos: Netflix also has the alien lover’s dream, a new docu-series called Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified. It actually looks pretty fun for hard-core believers, those who want to believe, and others who just have fun watching crazy conspiracy theories and those who possess them.

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