What To Watch: 07/31/2021

It’s a standard Saturday with not much new on, but, as with last week when Tig Notaro released her new animated special, boy, is it a top heavy one as the people behind The Puppy Bowl show that you don’t have to wait until the Super Bowl to watch cute animals play sports. New on Discovery+, it’s The Puppy Bowl Presents: The Summer Dog Games to coincide with, well, we’re sure you can figure it out. It’s all Discovery+ or Lifetime/Hallmark stuff.

  • The other new Discovery+ show is our second new show with a ridiculously over-sized couch in two days (at least if the picture is representative). Heartbreak Island debuts on the streaming service today. And do you really need us to give you the rundown–besides, Discovery Plus will not even let you see a synopsis without subscribing to the service, so, you know, f ’em! Really, they do have some good stuff though. We just have a feeling this is not it.
  • Over in the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex, as they so often do, the latter goes sweet as the former goes scary. On Hallmark, It’s Love, For Sale. Lifetime gives ya You’re Not Safe Here. One’s about a deliveryman looking for love along his route while the other is about a pregnant woman on the run from an abusive boyfriend who crashes her car by a seemingly kind couple’s home who are of course secretly sinister. You’d be surprised which one is which. Actually, you really would not. However, snark aside, the Hallmark one appears to be a shot-for-shot remake of a 1989 Patrick Dempsey movie and features Mya, so might be worth checking out if you like remakes of terrible movies or engaging 1990s pop stars who act.

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