What To Watch: 07/29/2021

It’s a day for various sorts of nostalgia–from the cartoons of our childhood and early teen years to an iconic music documentary series that many of us loved when we were a bit older (although we’re sure there are many who loved all three at the same time). Also, HBO Max is a busy little bee today!

Jellystone! [HBO Max]
Hanna-Barbera characters return today after a 30-year vacation. The goofs and gags are still here with all the joys and laughs of a modern cartoon. How nice to get Yogi Bear back outside of that Geico commercial.

Transformers: War for Cybertron Kingdom [Netflix]
The “War for Cybertron” trilogy reached its end as part three hits Netflix today. Rumor has it that the Predacons and the Maximals join the fight on earth. If you’re a fan of Beastmasters, take note; you may want to watch these episodes.

Behind the Music [Paramount+]
This iconic series highlighting major pop, rock, and R&B artist’s careers–becoming famous for its frequent depiction of their descent into booze and pills–was one of the last stands of any musical content remaining on MTV. The series returns today on streaming, focusing on catching up with artists profiled in the past–including J-Lo, Ricky Martin, and Busta Rhymes.


  • Family Guy writer Gary Janetti essentially re-purposes Stewie Griffin as a 7-year-old heir to the British throne. Ok, that’s oversimplifying HBO Max’s The Prince, but probably not by much. Joining Janetti, who voices the titular prince, are Orlando Bloom, Lucy Punch, and Alan Cumming.
  • Also new on HBO Max is The Immortal–a feature film spinoff of its cult favorite Italian crime drama, Gamorrah. The movie takes place after the third season’s finale shooting of main character Ciro but also spends a lot of time in flashback showing how he rose to power.
  • While not a sequel to the 1990s cult horror classic The People Under The Stairs, Shudder’s The Boy Behind the Door does feature a young kid in peril as an abductee who has managed to escape his kidnapper is still stuck deep in the woods facing peril from both his original foe and a new mysterious presence in the forest who may be working in tandem with the former. It’s currently at an impressive 71% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • It’s back to HBO Max for what may be the most depressing or most camply enjoyable offering so far in 2021 as FBoy Island makes its debut on the streaming service. Is Jack Donaghy running the network? In any case, you can probably guess what the “F” stands for, and as for the premise, may God have mercy on our souls.
  • For fans of the hit Peacock series Dr. Death who want to know more, NBC’s streaming arm is also unveiling the documentary Dr. Death: The Undoctored Story. Cute title, Mr. Cock.
  • We’ll end this round-up with a little vino as Acorn and Sundance Now combine forces to bring us the returning The Wine Show.

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