What To Watch: 07/27/2021

Sports, music, and drama comprise our three recommendations. As the uniquely odd-yeared Olympics continue to ramp up (sadly minus one of its shining-est stars), PBS drops some knowledge about one of the great singers and guitarists of modern Blues music, and a dark German comedy returns for a third season.

How To Sell Drugs (Online) [Netflix]
Combine Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle, remove Bryan Cranston and make it all 90% more German… then forget all that. The faint wisp of a memory will give you a vague idea of what this Netflix series is about. The story of a geeky kid who stumbles into online drug dealing returns for a third season on the premier streaming site tonight.

Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase the Blues Away [PBS, 9p]
I admit that I do not know a lot about veteran Blues icon Buddy Guy, but that’s about to change thanks to the news doc on PBS. It will be hard to encapsulate his entire career in one film- from his days as a share cropper to his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this doc will try. Time to go to school.

Olympics 2020 Primetime [NBC, 8p]
Tonight the US Women’s Gymnastic Team competes in the team final. With the time difference from Tokyo, this event has already happened and the results have been pretty unavoidable on the internet. I will still be watching because I want to see the routines and I refuse to wake up at 3am to watch it live!


  • Discovery Plus has got to be pressing up against some kind of record for most original content on one streaming service. Today’s add comes from the ID arm of the Discoveryverse as Citizen P.I.s debut comes on the heels of the success of HBO’s excellent I’ll Be Gone in the Dark which chronicled the late Michelle McNamara’s quest to unmask the Golden State Killer. This show profiles similar amateur sleuths with a mix of unsolved cases and possible miscarriages of justice.
  • Steve Buscemi and Daniel Radcliffe presumably have yet to die of dysentery on TBS’ third episode of the third version of the anthology series Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail. That’s our only Oregon Trail joke and we know it’s tired, but we do NOT apologize for it.
  • We mean, who could ever get tired of a dog catching a frisbee. That’s also a part of tonight’s TV landscape. It’s happening on a new episode of America’s Top Dog on A&E tonight. And that’s as good a spot to end this wrap-up as any. Good night!

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