It’s Our Tubular 32: Eight More Comedy Half-Hours Go Toe To Toe!

It’s March Madness in July as we have pared it all the way down to 32 shows and if you thought the choices were hard before, they have become brutal this go-around. The first match-up on this ballot breaks my brain! We’ve got depressed horses up against sunshiny public servants, ’50s big bands against ’70s mid-sized cities radio stations, Philadelphia dirtbags vs. NYC East side mover-on-uppers, and much, much more.

Please vote below. If you want a peep at all 32 remaining shows and a reminder of what they’re all about, click here!  And head on over to Facebook’s GBOAT to share your opinion on each and every individual match-ups, and if you vote a second time, we’ll never tell!

Thanks for taking the time to vote and if you are would like to see where it all began, click here!

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