What To Watch: 07/26/2021

While dating games make up a full 67% of our recommendations today, our main rec will come from the realm of supernatural fiction as one of The CW’s best alien dramas returns for a 3rd season.

Roswell New Mexico [The CW, 8p]
That stranger in the cave.. is he friend or foe? And why does he have a familiar face? Find this out (maybe) on the season premier of this CW show as it starts its third season. How will Liz adjust to her new life in Los Angeles? Again the season premier may have answers. Pesky aliens.

The Celebrity Dating Game [ABC, 10p]
Anchorman‘s David Koechner seeks a woman who is kind while former NFL star Rasha Jennings seeks a woman who “can laugh at herself.” Can Michael Bolton help these rich, straight men find love?

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
Last week Katie solidified her relationship with Greg, giving him a second one on one date. She had some tearful goodbyes with Brendan and Mike P. after deciding that their relationships didn’t have enough time to catch up with the others. At the rose ceremony there were two available roses for three men. Katie chose to send home Andrew S. Katie was very upset and admitted that this was the first decision she has had to make that she is not 100% sure of. Not wanting to leave on a sad note, Andrew stopped by her suite on the way out to give her a card to read after he was gone. This led to a very dramatic sequence with her running down the stairs after him. In the end she asked if he would want to stay a little longer and he turned her down, saying that he’s not the one she chose. I am very sad to see Andrew go, but happy that it’s (sort of) on his own terms. This week is “The Men Tell All” which is my absolute least favorite episode of the season, but a good time to get acquainted with the cast before they show up on Bachelor in Paradise.


  • Hello, you celebs, we love you, c’mon join the Celebrity IOU: Joyride. Discovery+ has gathered together an impressive line-up of stars who are up for giving the gift of ride to those who have helped them along the road to fame.
  • If you’re a fan of dark and quirky animated programs for adults whose titles feature the main characters names with an ampersand between them, you’re in luck as there are new episodes of Rick & Morty and Tuca & Bertie–both on Adult Swim. Technically, they were late last night, but we’re short on new stuff and, well, you know about them now.
  • When a fictional breakaway country in a small town is likely to do better than the real country we live in (and mind you we’re blaming the overt racist in charge til January and not the current guy for that disaster), you’re in trouble, but that’s the central plot for the seventh episode of The Republic of Sarah on The CW tonight.

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