What To Watch: 07/25/2021

A few years ago, it seemed like game shows had gone the way of the daytime soap opera (three of those remain last we checked). However, while there aren’t so many in the mornings, people still get excited about who will host the next iteration of Jeopardy! (it has to be LeVar Burton… we mean, come on) and almost every memorable game show of the past four decades have been revived. Tonight’s TV landscape is loaded with them and we’re leading off with the Anthony Anderson-hosted version of a classic. We figure you’re already on board with the finale of the most inventive show to come around in decades (plus we’ll probably feature its finale next week when everyone can see the glory of Kevin’s fuckery).

To Tell The Truth [NBC, 10p]
Teri Hatcher, Thomas Lennon, and Chelsea Handler (so this is gonna be good!) try to suss out the true roller derby queen, dog massage therapist, jaw harpist, Air Force One pilot, and Ouija board expert (what is that and how do I become one?)

Wellington Paranormal [The CW, 9p]
Taiki Watiti and Jermaine Clement continue to amaze with their second quirky supernatural series where the creatures come out of the shadows to pester a trio of incompetent New Zealand local cops.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver [HBO, 11p]
He’s back, back in the white void groove… but word is he’ll be returning to the show’s NYC studio in the Fall. Either way, given that there’s still crazy in politics, both national and local, it’s always a better, more complete week when John does a deep dive. 


  • So, who knew Paul “Pee-Wee Herman” Reubens’ clan contained Drew Carey, Jackee Henry, Joe Mangiello, and Law & Order‘s S. Epatha Merkerson (the family bbqs must be incredible), yet here we are and naturally they will be taking on David Arquette’s peeps in the feud as Steve Harvey continues to ask famous people how they think 100 randos might answer any given questions on ABC’s Celebrity Family Feud. Hint: think lewd and obnoxious.
  • They were running out of game show retreads so they had to pepper in one new concept, although The Chase (also on ABC) is essentially a Jeopardy! spinoff. Brad Rutter is the champion from that show to take on all comers tonight.
  • Belcher superstans will know why the Reelz Autopsy series makes me sad that there’s no new episode of Bob’s Burgers tonight. In any case, the channel of music and death gives you looks into the final moments of Mr. Spock and Mini-Me with Autopsy: The Last Hours of Leonard Nimoy and Autopsy: The Last Hours of Verne Troyer.
  • If you’re watching the spectacular sitcom/brooding crime drama mash-up Kevin Can F**k Himself on AMC’s streaming platform, AMC+, you’re at the end of the road, at least for its twisty-turny first season as the last episode left us with such the surprise cliffhanger. If the promo shots are not misleading, we’ll get to see how antics king/awful human Kevin McRoberts plays on the darker side of this groundbreaking series. Until now, he has only been featured through the old-school sitcom lens where he plays the classic dumb husband (like the Kevin James characters that inspired the show).
  • Finally, a busy businesswoman is stalked by an obsessed Howie Mandel and a horde of briefcase-wielding supermodels as Lifetime airs its latest movie, Killer Deal. We’re sticking with that made up plot since Lifetime does not even seem to be bothered to create a page for it.

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