What To Watch: 07/15/2021

It’s not coincidental that Shark Week is the same week as Streaming Week. It’s the closest thing to sweeps that we have in the Summer. In any case there’s lots of sharks and lots of new content available to watch on your screens.

Dr. Death [Peacock]
Dr. Christopher Duntsch was a respected Texas surgeon until his patients began turning up dead or disfigured. If you listened to the hit podcast then you already know his story, if not check out the latest original streaming on Peacock. Pure nightmare fuel for sure, but what a cast led by Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. This was supposed to be Peacock’s first streaming show before the pandemic pushed it back.

Never Have I Ever [Netflix]
Season two is here, and Devi is torn between two very cute boys, feuding with her mother (but they’re talking!), and competing with another Indian girl (no, Devi, you team up!).

American Horror Stories [Hulu]
Ryan Murphy puts yet another spin on his gory golden goose as this round is on Hulu and puts the anthology concept into miniature as we have a new story for each episode. And in this case, instead of what has been something of a reperatory playing different roles each story, the cast changes every week–although of course the excellent Evan Peters will appear. Sarah Paulson moves behind the camera, directing a couple episodes this go around.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6 [Paramount+]
Last week the queens dragged up the superbowl halftime show with celebrity impersonations. Trinity K. Bonet broke the Beyoncé curse and Jan won her first challenge. The queens chose to send home Yara Sofia, who didn’t quite nail her Shakira performance, but mainly didn’t seem to wait to be there as badly as A’keria. This week I sincerely hope that A’keria climbs her way out of the bottom. She is so talented and I know she has more to show, but I’m not sure the queens keep her safe if she lands in the bottom two for a third time. 


  • We’ve been due for a mid-19th Century whaling period piece for a long time, and we make fun, but The North Water is on AMC+ so this might actually be a draw.
  • Despite never really building a buzz, the CW’s fantasy tale about the last of a race called the “Blackbloods” has managed to make it through most of three seasons. The Outcast returns for the second half of its third season tonight.
  • Netflix releases a pair of new import flicks in My Amanda from the Phillipines and A Perfect Fit from Bali.

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