What To Watch: 07/14/2021

So much new Netflix today and it’s only Wednesday, so you can imagine what Streaming Thursday and Friday are going to look like. We do have a Freeform title that somehow sneaked in as well and Fiona will tell you all about that one.

My Unorthodox Life [Netflix]
This reality series follows Julia Haart, the CEO of Elite World Group (those of us who watched America’s Top Model will know it as the parent company of Elite Models) and her family as they navigate life as wealthy, beautiful people. There’s a spin, of course, Haart left the Orthodox Jewish community in 2013. 

Gunpowder Milkhake [Netflix]
Granted this action flick seems, on the surface, as a standard hitman (woman) on the run story, trust me,  the script is whip-smart and the cinematography is tweaked enough not to feel cliche. These days that’s a rare thing. Check it out. It’s good fun.

Good Trouble [Freeform, 9p]
Season three is back for the summer, picking up after the mid season finale earlier this spring. Callie and Gael are finally going to give their relationship a shot, how will Isabella’s pregnancy factor in? Callie says she is used to complicated relationships which considering her former star-crossed lover situation with her foster brother is kind of an understatement. 


  • The political targeting of journalists is an ongoing tragedy and threat to democracy that is woefully underplayed and ignored–especially given that there’s a more than zero chance that someone in the most recent ex-U.S. President’s inner circle had a hand in the gruesome murder of a prominent commentator and American citizen in 2017. Netflix’s latest Spanish-language documentary Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendia examines the suspicious death of a Mexican muckraker–a killing attributed to police, but many feel the blame should have aimed much higher.
  • The French-Canadian dramedy The Guide To The Perfect Family looks into the life of an average family with issues, but through the lens of social media. It’s on Netflix.
  • From its name alone, the savvy content consumer can determine the Italian fright flick A Classic Horror Story does not take itself too seriously–or at least that what its meta-happy creators would like you to think. Five travellers get into a car accident and wake up in an OG horror tale (forest, creepy house, etc.). This, too, you can find on Netflix.
  • Netflix titles with no-frills names is a theme of tonight’s viewing as the streaming network also debuts the nifty looking docu-series Heist, which looks into the similarities between three different well(-ish)-planned robberies.
  • Outside of Netflix, we have the Discovery parade of sharks, sharks, and more sharks–and multiple references to unlikely TV phenomena. We’ve got MechaShark, The Real Sharknado, Return to the Lair of the Great White, and Tiger Queen (not to be confused with, well, you know). Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will be in one of these. Betcha can’t guess which one!

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