What To Watch: 07/13/2021

We’ve got fins to the left, fins to the right and an actual program called Fin. Is it Shark Week? You tell us!

Miracle Workers [TBS, 10:30p]
1884 and the Miracle Workers are hitting the trail this season. More accurately the Oregon Trail. Hilarity may ensue as “Benny The Teen” has to lead a group of settlers west. Hopefully none of them will die of dysentery.

Major League Baseball All-Star Game [Fox, 8p]
This exhibition game gets mocked throughout the sports world, but when I was a kid, this was always a reverent, fun time–especially the pre-game introductions where players from every team would tip their hats to the crowd. Thankfully, it is again a meaningless game that determines nothing for the World Series. This is as it should be and I will bear no discussion of it!

World’s Biggest Bull Shark? [NatGeo, 10p]
Shark Week (Summer) is my favorite time of the year, especially when it’s educational (or especially pretty). Learn how the largest bull shark ever caught grew to be so big. He probably ate his vegetables.


  • We’re now right in the thick of Shark Week–now if we could only get these lurking fishies to pitch questionable ideas to rich weirdos, we’d be in meta-heaven. Beyond Katherine’s pick above, tonight’s offerings on Discovery include the odd celebrity pairing Brad Paisley’s Shark Country, the vaguely racistly titled The Great White Comeback, the vulgar word punning Mothersharker, and the hellish sounding The Spawn of El Diablo.
  • From sharks to superheroes, we’ve got another installment of the CW lineup. Barry and Iris stumble into their future children on The Flash while our leads are working separately over on Superman & Lois.
  • Vice TV mixes its two favorite things: trying to save the world and hipster adventurism for the South American travel journey of Unknown Amazon with Pedro Andrade.

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