What To Watch: 07/09/2021

Netflix’s show that puts a young man on the spectrum front and center returns today, while ScarJo cements her place in the MCU and some celebrities get their homes remodeled, maybe unbeknownst to them. One of these recs is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…

Atypical [Netflix]
Atypical is back for it’s fourth and final season! I might be a little biased, having worked on the show, but I can guarantee that this season is funny, moving, exciting and so much more. I don’t know how to write about this show without accidental spoilers so I’ll just say – be on the lookout for penguins, pigs, sourdough starters and graffiti birds.

Black Widow [Disney+]
We’ve waited a long time for this one! Finally Black Widow is here in theaters and Disney premier access streaming. It’s the first Phase Four Marvel film. As a whole Marvel Studios films have been consistently good so my expectations are pretty high so I think it will be worth the wait. Happy. Plus fat David Harbor makes a great Red Guardian. Two words: Florence Pugh. One more word: Taskmaster. Oh and of course Scar Jo.

Secret Celebrity Renovation [CBS, 8p]
Interior decorators make over homes of famous people like Wayne Brady. So, yeah, this might as well happen.


  • The latest revival is a somewhat unlikely one as the generic TNT crime drama Leverage which ran from 2007-2012 and starred Timothy Hutton gets a chance at redemption (that last word is literally in the reboot’s title). Moved to New Orleans, and replacing Hutton with Noah Wylie, Leverage: Redemption rises like a phoenix on IMDb TV today. We’d make a snarky remark about no one asking for it, but the show did win a 2013 People’s Choice Award--an event that apparently still happens.
  • America’s all-time favorite 70-something beagle returns with more episodes of his very own show as the nostalically entertaining, if a bit silly, The Snoopy Show returns on AppleTV.
  • One of the most quiety critically acclaimed shows returns for a second season. This Way Up features the excellent Aisling Bea (Living with Yourself) and Sharon Hogan (Catastrophe) as sisters navigating the former’s mental breakdown. It’s on Hulu and is probably a better bet than stars getting their homes rejiggered (Jason!!!).
  • It’s the glory days of that bottom-of-the-sea, pineapple-dwelling square sponge what wears the pants and the latest new arrival from the Squareaverse is a spinoff featuring goofy sidekick. It’s The Patrick Star Show and it debuts on Nickelodeon today.
  • On the flip side of children-aimed fiction, we have the second installment of the R.L. Stine based Netflix horror anthology mini-series. The action jumps 16 years into the past to the year the Gibb Brothers ruled the music chart. That may or may not play a role in Fear Street Part Two: 1978.
  • If you like Vice Presidents who don’t call their wives “mother,” you might be game to BET’s presentation of our first person of color to hold the office airing a special tonight under the title State of Our Union: Vice President Kamala Harris.

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