What To Watch: 07/05/2021

Welp, we’ve blown a lot of things up to celebrate the seeds of freedom from British taxation 255 years ago (a freedom which would still ring a bit untrue for most until at least, oh, I don’t know, 255 years later), and now it’s time to sleep off the loud noises and hot dogs (especially if you are Joey Chestnut) and binge, binge, binge. And while there’s certainly plenty of TV to catch up on, here are the few new items popping up on an observed holiday.

The Beast Must Die [AMC+]
Cush Jumbo and Jared Harris star as cat and felonious mouse, respectively, in this dark British thriller about a mother who will stop at nothing to avenge her dead son once the police cease the investigation into the hit-and-run that killed him. While the trailer looks alluring as it is, AMC is just on an unimpeachable run stretching from Mad Men and Breaking Bad through to Kevin Can F**k Himself, so pretty much any show on the reigning network of prestige gets at least a try.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
Last week Katie ousted Thomas and decided to invite Blake to join the other men in the house. This week we’ll see how the men react to this new addition. It looks like they’re setting up Hunter to be the villain of this episode (it really seems like there is a new one each week!). Tune in to watch overly aggressive men tackle each other in the name of love.

Hell’s Kitchen [Fox, 8p]
This has been a rough season for Gordon Ramsey. The young guns just cannot get it together. Will they find their groove enough to NOT be kicked out of the kitchen? It’s not looking good, but tune in tonight to see if things change. It’s a fun train wreck.


  • The latest move by the towsfolk-turned-countrymen of The CW’s The Republic of Sarah to take on the evil corporation is to print its own currency. What could possiblie go wrong?
  • Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan once suggested we should all “live every week like it’s Shark Week.” This non-Shark Week week is a bit easier to do that with as today’s NatGeo line-up includes three new shark-themed shows. We’ve got the frighteningly punctuated Rogue Shark?, the A-lister-boasting Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth, and the simple-and-direct When Sharks Attack. Why so much sharkitude? Next week is INDEED Shark Week 2021.
  • “It’s been a wild year for all of us” says one of the ladies of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta as they live through season ten, but is there a year where it has not been? VH1 would not have much of a series if the ATL women were of this series were having ho-hum annums.
  • PBS recruits comedian C.J. Hunt for a very particular angle of the debate about Confederate statues–the anthology is titled POV after all.

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