What To Watch: 07/02/2021

For this week’s Streaming Friday we’ve got the escapist fun, the informative, and the boss who is also a baby.

Summer of Soul… Or When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised [Netflix]
The year 1969 is synonymous with Woodstock for many, but there was a whole other festival going on that year in NYC. Luckily, Questlove stumbled upon it and in his directorial debut will take us through the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival AKA Black Woodstock. The festival spanned 6 shows and encompassed stars like Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Mahalia Jackson, The Staples Singers, B.B. King, Ray Barretto, and more. Looking forward to seeing this huge Black cultural moment unpacked in proper Questlove fashion–with lots of style and historical gems. 

The Tomorrow War [Amazon Prime]
The premise of tomorrow war is so obvious I’m surprised it has not been done before but it’s still an interesting one. Humans from the future travel back in time to draft people to fight a war in the future. Chris Pratt continues his track of playing action heroes. Who needs fireworks when you have Chris Pratt fighting a war in the future? 

The Boss Baby: Family Business [Peacock]
Ok, this is a bit of a… well, not exactly ironic post, but I do genuinely feel that the original film of this, ridiculous as was its premise, gets way more flack than it deserved. It was supposed to be ridiculous, and this surely also will be. However, it could also be a lot of mindless fun (after you watch the pre-post-apocalypse movie and the doc about 1969 soul… and a lot of other things). 


  • The original YA horror writer R.L. Stine gets a totally adult makeover for a trio of films coming out on Hulu, directed by Leigh Janiak. The first of these, Fear Street Part One 1994 features a bunch of kids adept at the early world wide web who are investigating a series of deaths in their small town.
  • A monk, an exorcist, and a detective walk into Hell… that’s the basic set-up of Netflix’s Japanese horror import The 8th Night as said team battles an escaped demon aiming to create a messy eternity on Earth in just a week plus one day.
  • In the spirit of Ice Road Truckers but over a thousand miles to the south in Canada, Big Timber is a reality show celebrating blue-blooded hard-working men and women, in this case in the logging industry in Vancouver.

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