What To Watch: 07/01/2021

Anyone in for Streaming Thursday? Perhaps its the anticipation of the long weekend, but there’s a definitive rush of new content that has spilled from tomorrowland into this week’s Thursday. And apologies for writing that sounds like it’s out of an internet translator from 2003.

No Sudden Move [HBO Max]
1955 Detroit: maybe it’s not so different then the Detroit of today? Minus the failed auto industry of course. Steven Soderbergh’s new film explores what Detroit was like in the post war era through the eyes of a group of gangsters when a simple document heist goes horribly wrong. What they uncover well.. you’ll just have to watch and see, but it’s a safe bet that they find that Detroit is racist.

Smother [Peacock]
In this Irish thriller, Dervla Kirwan plays a mother of three who throws herself into the investigation of her husband’s death after he is discovered at the base of a cliff under, of course, mysterious circumstances. This truly looks like a great balance between dark moodiness and bucolic scene-eatery.


  • Why shouldn’t the four jovial pranksters on TruTV get an awards show. Well, there are probably many reasons, but Sal, Murr, Joe, and Q are endlessly affable and Impractical Jokers Awards Show could be a lot of fun. It’s also on TruTV and in truth is a tribute to the foursome’s favorite flicks–still not entirely practical, but like everything involved with them it could be fun.

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