Our Comedy “March” Madness Marches Into July: The Scrumtrulescent 64, Sorted For E’s and F’s…

These two sections have some incredible match-ups, including one that we’re pretty sure is the first pairing to pit shows featuring the same creative force as the show Jim Dauterive co-created goes up against the show that gave him his writing break. Section F is the only grouping where the top seeds all won. This ballot has it all, ensemble sitcoms, classic comedian-centric vehicles, short-lived cult classics, sketch shows, news parodies, and that’s every type of comedy that has ever been and every will be, and if you have any contrary opinions, address them to Bobby Hill!

Thank you in advance for voting and we cannot wait to see which ones you choose. Also, get involved in the conversaion at GBOAT on Facebook where we will be rolling out the match-ups all week for more voting fun. 

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