What To Watch: 06/29/2021

Dancers, dogs, and very fast superheroes. What more can you ask for a Tuesdays’ worth of television.

The Legend of the Underground [HBO, 9p]
This documentary, which premiered earlier this month at TK, follows queer youth in Nigeria who rebel against their country’s discriminatory laws.

America’s Top Dog [A&E, 8p]
This is pretty much what it sounds like as canines of all kinds compete in tests of agility and derring-do to prove that they are the best boy/girl in America. Yes, they are! Yes, they are!

The Flash [The CW, 8p]
As they say, it’s all been leading up to this. Godspeed’s army attacks! It’s looks like, once again, Barry and Iris are going to have to out their plans on hold to deal with it. With arrow gone, Flash is the fast pounding heart of the Arrowverse and it’s a responsibility the show takes seriously.

  • Shudder’s latest ghoulfest has a very late-’80s sci-fi look about it. Vicious Fun plops a movie critic from the era who accidentally wanders into the midst of a serial killer support group and has to look the part or become one of Serial Killers Anonymous’ (ha, SKA!) latest victims.
  • Good Bones does not pair as well with Jason’s pick of the day as well as his dog Trixie might think it does. The “bones” this HGTV series is talking about is the foundation of various houses their crew is sizing up to refurbish. Hosts Mina and Karen return tonight with new episodes.
  • Back to vicious fun, everyone’s least favorite televised “news” room explores some of the more credible claims to have witnessed alien life in TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof, tonight on Fox. Man, is that a lot of colons.

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