What To Watch: 06/27/2021

June has never been a huge TV month; what with the early beach days, weddings, etc., it’s become the beginning of the Summer lull. In this era, it’s a good time for those who would prefer to huddle inside with the A/C on and catch up on all those things you’ve missed (and we may just add that to our Summer round-ups). That said, there’s still plenty of new content to watch if you’re hunting down the most current, so here’s what we’ve got.

Biography: KISStory [A&E, 9p]
This is my pick not because I’m a proud marching member of the KISS army, but the contrary: KISS are a band that despite being a music obsessive and being alive for part of the 1970s, I really don’t know enough about. I mean, I know their hits, that they released solo albums on the same day, the comic book with the supposed blood in it, but as to why this rock band was so revered and considered dangerous, I’m a bit ignorant. It feels like I know more of the band’s disparate political views (Paul Stanley is a vocal liberal while Gene Simmons has expressed conservative views) than what makes them tick musically. This could be a great program for a musical lifetime learner. 

Blindspotting [Starz, 9p]
With Miles temporarily out of the picture, Sean is running wild as he tests the boundaries of his new living situation. Ashley is overwhelmed and everyone has something to say about it (of course). 

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow [The CW, 9p]
Cowboys battle aliens as the team travels to the wildest of wests that does not feature mechanical spiders and Kevin Kline. 


  • In a quest to shuttle through every cable service there is, the British Matthew Goode/Tessa Parker historican witches and vampires romantic drama A Discovery of Witches moves to AMC for its second season stateside after a season streaming on Shudder and Sundance. What a sibilant sentence.
  • Olympic fever is ramping up and tonight on Peacock, the focus is on gymnastics as it airs Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Athletes.
  • In Reelz’ latest move from musical biographer to morbid death archivist, our latest two subjects are a movie star turned princess who died in a car crash and the third official James Bond who passed away of cancer (he was 89). It’s Autopsy: The Last Hours of Grace Kelly and Autopsy: The Last Hours of Roger Moore.
  • Finally, in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), we’ve got one from an outsider in which the LHV is strooooong. UP airs A Whirlwind Wedding which has all of the beats of the Hallmark template–this busy businesswoman is from Chicago based on the skyline shot in the trailer–with a meet-cute happening as she returns home to plan her mom’s marriage. The ruggedly handsome small-town dude is a caterer in this case. You can’t make this up. No, wait, you can easily make this up. Back at Lifetime, our new title is Picture Perfect Lies so it’s clearly on the betrayal thriller side of the Lifetime ledger.

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