What To Watch: 06/25/2021

Friday streaming the weather is… ok, not at all sweet, and that’s not even close to the song by Finley Quaye that’s kinda close to a song by Bob Marley. In any case, it’s Friday, and like it always is these days, there’s tons of new streaming options (as well as some cool trad TV content–we’re looking at you, Betty), so let’s just dig right in.

False Positive [Hulu]
Ilana Glazer and Justin Theroux are trying to have a baby to no avail, so as a hail mary, they look to Dr. Pierce Brosnan for an unconventional procedure–then things get weird, Rosemary’s Babylevel weird. It sounds thrilling on the surface, but the buzz is a bit uneven. With the cast, it’s still worth a view. 

Central Park [AppleTV+]
I’ve always wanted to see an animated rap about growing up in Weehawken. Today that dream came true on the season premier of this wild animated show’s second season debut. The first season was a nice distraction during the height of COVID, and so this new set of episodes is a nice soundtrack to coming back in its wake. Laugh, sing and forget about the craziness for a bit with this cultural salve on wounds still healing.

Betty [HBO, 11p]
Tonight’s episode title, “Sugar We’re Going Down, Swinging” is also the title of Fall Out Boy’s breakout hit. Fall Out Boy doesn’t seem cool enough for HBO’s series about female skateboarders in NYC, even it sounds like there may be fisticuffs in “keeping the boys in check” in tonight’s episode. 


  • So, Liam Neeson, this is just what you do now, eh? Not that there’s anything wrong with fun action movies and you’re great at them. In any case, the fictional film version of the classic show Ice Road Truckers starring Liam “Schindler’s List” Neeson, The Ice Road, a thriller set in the far Canadian north, hits Netflix today.
  • Another big concept movie drip-dropping into your streams today comes in the fantastical form of The Mysterious Benedict Society, in which orphans stumble upon a dark plot. The Disney+ flick’s adult cast includes Tony Hale, Kristen Schaal, and Ryan Hurst.
  • Back to Netflix, Stacy Rukeyser, the creator of one of this site’s guiltiest pleasures, UnReal, returns with a new mini-series and why are we not featuring it more prominently–the buzz is really bad. In any case, Sex/Life stars Sarah Shahi as a housewife going through a mid-life crisis.

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