What To Watch: 06/23/2021

Our rec’s are all over the map today, and that’s just how we like it. We’ve got a rom-com, a dating show, a superhero drama, and a reality competition/baking show. There’s something for everyone–provided you fit one of those 4 (well, 4.5) tastes.

Good on Paper [Netflix]
Written by Iliza Shlesinger, this romantic comedy, starring Ryan Hansen and Shlesinger, is about a woman who falls in love with the perfect guy… but nothing adds up. It’s my nightmare, so I’m excited to stream this one.

Too Hot to Handle [Netflix]
It’s back for season two! Just the right kind of terrible to boost your spirits mid-week and usher us into summer. 

Loki [Disney+]
Loki and the Variant escaped from the TVA but their troubles are just beginning. Just wait to you see the apocalypse they landed in. Oh and the bickering between the two of them is a sight to behold. MCU stronger than ever.

Crime Scene Kitchen [Fox, 9p]
I’m usually massively skeptical of contrived food competitions (well, any food competitions really), but this one really works. Joel McHale has the right balance of snark and genuine support, and one of the judges is the excellent Yolanda Gampp, and we’ve weeded out most of the annoying pairs. 


  • Murders have muliplied as we enter the third season of The CW’s In The Dark, as our accidental sleuth continues to reluctantly try to suss out who is doing the murdering of her acquaintances–with, of course, the help of her seeing-eye dog Pretzel.

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