What To Watch: 06/20/2021

It’s a rare case when we use the same program’s image to lead our wrap-up, but since AMC+ is admittedly a small slice of the content pie (sorry, guys, but the fragmentation is starting to get hard to keep up with) and the new show starring Annie Murphy is something so special that we’re going to highlight it a second time as now it’s available to all. Overall, it’s a good day for innovative and unusual viewing.

Kevin Can F**k Himself [AMC, 9p]
After a week where AMC+ subscribers had the ultra-buzzworthy series all to themselves, the rest of us get to see the groundbreaking show where Annie Murphy’s beleaguered housewife Allison begins to have a mental break from her sitcom shell. Still love that Valerie Armstrong’s new show is the ultimate f**k you to all major paint-by-numbers male-centric sitcoms, but especially to Kevin James’ pushing out of excellent improv actress Erinn Hayes to try to save his mediocre half-hour Kevin Can Wait

Rick & Morty [Adult Swim, 11p]
I mention that Rick and Morty is coming back today, granted if you are a fan you knew this already and you have your snacks and smokables ready. To the uninitiated, the quirky adult animated series follow Morty and his eccentric uncle Rick through time travel and various alternate dimensions. Think Doc and Marty from Back to the Future with more booze. What fruit or vegetable will Rick turn into this season? I’m hoping for kumquat.

Blindspotting [Starz, 9p]
Last week Miles was arrested and Ashley moved in with Miles’ mom and half sister. Tonight is Miles’ sentencing and I suspect that Ashley and Sean might be living with Miles’ family for longer than they expected. 

To Tell The Truth [ABC, 10p]
I didn’t know how much I liked the summer reboot until I caught last week’s episode, where the panel uncovered a Master Ciccerone, the maker of Bernie’s Mittens, and Mother of the Year (I admit, I already knew the last two). Tonight’s panel is Kevin Nealon, Scholars favorite Retta, and Francia Raisa. 


  • What is this, a crossover episode? Well, Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam–where the ’10s animated series cast go all MST3K on the 1995 classic {shrug?} movie is clearly a plug for the upcoming sequel. However, it’s also a, well, neat idea and could be a lot of fun. Fittingly, it’s on Cartoon Network–that it’s not on Adult Swim might give you a bit of a hint as to how quirky they’ll go and to whether you might like it.
  • TLC goes back to their roots–well, maybe more MTV/VH1’s roots–as a bunch of people in new relationships, but who still live with their ex to raise the kids, are chronicled on You, Me & My Ex.
  • We all celebrate Father’s Day differently, and TV One is marking the day with the mellifluously named Bad Dad Rehab featuring three fathers who are struggling but still trying and learning to be better role models.
  • In the new PBS Masterpiece movie Us, Tom Hollander and Saskia Reeves play couple whose holiday travel becomes for the latter one last adventure as a married couple before escape and for the former a last gasp to hold onto the life he is still attached to.
  • One of the most simply titled network shows becomes one of the most simply titled streaming shows as Evil returns after a long hiatus, now on Paramount+. Katja Herbers and Mike Colter return as skeptic and believer, respectively.
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow offers a bit more fun of a take on the good/evil divide as this episode’s title “Back to the Finale, Part 2” while smack in the middle of the season, its sixth, gives you an idea of what the plot of this episode of the CW show might mirror.

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