What To Watch: 06/18/2021

Rose Byrne took you to an intimate restaurant, then to a suggestive movie; there’s nothing left to talk about, unless it’s you catching up on the new show she’s in, set in the world of ’80s fitness–and which takes the number one hit of that decade as its title. There’s also much more on this Steaming…. we mean Streaming Friday. We’ll see ourselves out!

Physical [Apple TV]
The ’80s were not as colorful as we remember, but at least this comedy set in the times is dark. Rose Byrne plays Sheila Rubin, a woman who uses aerobics as a springboard for self-discovery and rebirth. Her husband’s campaign for state assembly is going to have to wait until she is done with these leg lifts. This decade has been satirized to death, but in this world of Trump PTSD maybe this show has a new perspective on the Age of Reagan.

Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson [Comedy Central, 11p]
Louisiana comic Josh Johnson and his distinctive voice are one of the best up-and-coming standups working. The Daily Show‘s host presents a half-hour of his new material. What else is there to say?

Betty [HBO, 11p]
Janay looks for a new winter skatepark while Camille struggles with sponsorship. Come for the skate drama, stay for the NYC backdrop.


  • Kevin Hart goes relatively serious as a widower who is suddenly tasked with raising his daughter solo in Fatherhood on Netflix. It’s based on a popular memoir and co-stars Alfre Woodward and Lil Rel Howery.
  • After a special interseasonal episode of vignettes, the hit Spanish high school thriller Elite returns for its fourth season with a bevy of new characters. It is also on Netflix.
  • Netflix also adds a new pair of debuting Asian series–one iffy rom-com and one goofy ensemble comedy. From China, The Rational Life finds a woman battling for respect at her job (which is good) but the romance side of it (her boss or her assistant) makes its feminist veneer seem a bit just that. So Not Worth It is a Korean comedy of manners finding its humor in the residents of an international college dorm.
  • His name is Luca, but he does not live on the second floor and you should not call social services. The titular character of this Italian animated film–that is also part of the Pixar family–is a young sea monster who, along with a friend, is living a second life as a full human on the surface, to the horrors of his nervous parents. It debuts on Disney+ today.
  • Over on Nat Geo, we can get a sneak peak of Dawn Porter’s documentary about the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, which could be good watching for the first ever Juneteenth holiday. It’s titled Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer. It drops on Hulu tomorrow.
  • There’s more observation of today’s new holiday on ABC with Soul of the Nation: Juneteenth: An Evening of Celebration and Resilience.

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