What To Watch: 06/15/2021

If you can’t sleep because you need to know how Cruel Summer ends, take a look at Katherine’s recommendation. If you are so amped, you need more to watch, Jason suggests a thrilling documentary about taking a beloved ’90s musical to Cuba. Fiona, as do all of us, presumes you’ll be watching Cruel Summer.

Headspace: Unwind Your Mind [Netflix]
It’s another paid partnership on Netflix, with a fifteen minute interactive feature from Headspace. Whatever helps me sleep at night sounds good to me. 

Cruel Summer [Freeform, 10p]
Last week we learned more about Kate’s time with Martin. They did such a good job of splicing the story with Kate’s therapy sessions, underscoring that this was not a relationship and explaining the concept of grooming. We also finally saw why Kate thinks Jeanette saw her and how she got Jeanette’s necklace. This week we’re headed to trial to see Jeanette sue Kate for defamation. I agree with Cindy that nothing good can come out of suing a kidnapping victim, but I also acknowledge that Jeanette’s life was destroyed. It’s complicated! I have no clue how any of this will be resolved. Watch the finale tonight! 

Revolution Rent [HBO, 9p]
While it’s creation myth is the stuff of legends,  I’ve never been a huge fan of the Broadway show that sang us the number of minutes in a year. This story of one American’s mission of bringing the musical Rent to Cuba is an intriguing tale as he confronts many of the same obstacles as the characters in the play did. 


  • The Canadian series about the hijinks of a bunch of multi-tasking mothers has somehow sneaked its way through five seasons. Said fifth season of Workin’ Moms played on CBC back in February and it hits Netflix today.
  • The paranormal goings on in the Utah plains get a second season of History Channel love as The Secrets of the Skinwalker Ranch have more tales to tell.
  • We’re one week from the first season finale of Superman & Lois on The CW, and tonight Lana lets the titular characters know they need to talk about Kyle.

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