What To Watch: 06/13/2021

If you are an avid reader of this site, you know how giddy we are (and you are likely giddy yourself) about the new show starring Annie Murphy. Even as she won an Emmy and a SAG award for her portrayal of Alexis Rose, it still feels like she was an underappreciated part of Schitt’s Creek, and if the trailer for this Charlie Kaufman-esque looking series is any clue, she follows that quirk-heavy role by absolutely disappearing into her first number-one-on-the-call-sheet role.

Kevin Can Fuck Himself [AMC+]
Today on AMC+ (and next Sunday on AMC) our favorite daughter of the pope, Annie Murphy, stars in this surreal comedy as a “prototypical sitcom wife,” a charming, beautiful woman married to a lazy, disrespectful slob who snaps out of it and gets wise to reality. This is the kind of show I wish I had thought of first–remember when Kevin Can Wait killed off its wife between seasons? Or all of the fat jokes on Frazier when one its female leads was pregnant? Or anything that happened on According to Jim? Annie Murphy’s Allison does, and she’s going to burn this baby to the ground! (I hope.)

Blindspotting [Starz]
Jasmine Cephas Jones is an incredible talent. After her dazzling supporting role in the 2018 movie, taking on the lead seems much deserved. You might recognize her as “Peggy” the beloved youngest Shuyler sister from the hit musical Hamilton. I am so excited to delve deeper into this world.

Tuca & Bertie [Adult Swim, 11:30p]
While Lisa Hanawalt’s solo project was not as polished or transformative as Bojack Horseman (for which she designed the characters), it created distinct characters in its aggressively charming hot mess toucan Tuca and sweetly neurotic thrush Bertie and at its best, its first season could be very funny and intricately clever, if not always as memorable as you’d like it to be. It relocates its nest from Netflix to Adult Swim for its second season and I’m excited to see where its growth goes as while it’s from streaming to broadcast, as it’s Adult Swim, that really doesn’t restrict its boundaries.


  • Teddy’s disaster is in full gear on the sixth season finale of Fear the Walking Dead and now all the characters can do is try to cope. The AMC prequel to its zombie tentpole has gotten a lot of flack but it has walked on (sorry) for six years now, is planning a seventh, and there’s certainly a cult who enjoy this one more now.
  • Reelz continues its grim march towards being the channel of death as tonights offering is the double shot of its just-before-death series with tributes to the star of Hogan’s Heroes and Cher’s least favorite 1990s congressman. It’s Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bob Crane and Autopsy: The Last Hours of Sonny Bono.
  • The Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex brings us one from Lifetime, and a sneak-in from UP. Let’s start with that last one. The Perfect Wedding Match sounds like someone from the UP team must have sneaked into the Hallmark offices with a notepad. Lifetime gives us the perfectly titled Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer — is the murderer killing gold diggers or is the gold digger the killer. You’ll have to tune in to find out (or click on the link). Hallmark

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