What To Watch: 06/10/2021

Two wonderfully vibrant comics on the rise highlight our top two recommendations today. There’s new programs from both Brit Rose Matafeo and New Jerseyan Michelle Buteau, but with vastly different styles. Read on below!

Starstruck [HBO Max]
A young woman juggling two dead-end jobs in London has her world twist-turned upside down when she “accidentally” sleeps with a famous actor in this new HBOMax comedy that answers the burning questions to many fantasies–and appears to have the energy of Fleabag with significantly more joy.

Weekend Getaway with Michelle Buteau [Discovery+]
You may have seen Michelle Buteau in one of her hilarious stand-up specials where there is no topic from which she shies away or from hosting the bizarre social experiment reality competition–or maybe from macing Charlie Barnett to death in an inexplicably short cameo in Russian Doll. Now she In the spirit of Richard Ayoade’s Travel Man, the garrulously charming Buteau meets up with fellow celebrities in various cities to get a feel for the lay of the land while interviewing a comic friend like Sasheer Zamata or Tig Notaro. 

Legendary [HBO Max]
There were some big upsets last week with two back to back episodes. We said goodbye to the House of Tisci and the House of Oricci. The House of Balenciaga was once again saved from the bottom two by winning an individual category after scoring the lowest at the group performance. Can they pull it together in time for the final ball? Tonight is the season finale. Which house will reign supreme and take home the 100k?! 


  • The JeanSmartassaince continues on as after stealing scenes from no less than Kate Winslet as the mom of her beleguered genius cop in the black hole of hope and faith in humanity Mare of Easttown, her showpiece Hacks on HBO Max has just got better and better all season, as the characters developed and Smart and the rest of the gang faced some dark truths about the nature of life, success, and comedy. And boy did it ever get dark. Tonight, on the heels of finding out the excellent show was renewed for another season, we get the anticipated first season finale.
  • At the center of Sundance Now’s Moloch is a live man set on fire, a crime a collection of gritty cops and locals must address while also being haunted by. And there’s a prominent Joker mural in a tunnel for some reason. It looks quite dark but the only trailer we have for the French flick has no subtitles, so judge for yourself.
  • For Locolombianos on Netflix, the lack of subtitles was less of an obstacle to determining the action as it features a parade of Colobian standups taking the stage and observing about life and the mundane with a wink in their eye.
  • Would you believe that Erin Brockovich was just 39 when the movie bearing her name while extolling her legal prowess became one of the biggest films in the country? Sigh. Anyway, ABC looks at her true story before and since as she fights for environmental causes (mostly) in between very public on-air gigs. Unfortunately, Rebel, the Katey Segal starring law drama loosely based on her life did not make it through oe season but if you want more info on the true story of the woman who spawned both a hit movie and a less successful TV show, The Real Rebel: The Erin Brockovich Story debuts tonight.
  • It’s easy to forget we’re ramping up to the 2021 Olympics given its delay and the year we all went through that delayed him, but the Peacock is here to try to gin up your excitement by going back to one of the U.S.’s greatest recent triumph as Michael Phelps and three other guys won a relay race no one expected them to win. The Greatest Race debuts today on the streaming service.
  • The new TBS game show The Cube stars NBA all-star LaMarcus Aldridge cackles on in demented delight as six contestants are drugged, transported to the set and have to solve complex math equations to get to the next cube lest be executed in a gruesome manner. Oh, wait, that’s not right, it’s Dwyane Wade encouraging teams of two to engage in feats of strength and agility in order to gain riches and prizes beyond their wildest dreams, as long as their dreams are relatively reasonable.
  • If you ever wanted to see Jason Mantzoukas in a movie that sounds like it could be featured on his podcast about questionable movies, Infinite stars Mark Wahlberg as a man who becomes plagued by memories from different lifetimes before finding out he has been living eternally (relatively maybe?). Mantzoukas, Toby Jones, and Chiwetel Ejiofor co-star.
  • The competition at the center of one of the greatest King of the Hill episodes comes to life at the center of HBO Max’s new reality competition game, Full Bloom, as great florists face off for money, prizes, and, most importantly, glory.
  • Finally, we’re at the LHV Vortex which is populated by one new Lifetime movie. It’s titled Lethal Love Letter and we’re pretty sure it has a parade of major thespians of our time like Glenn Close and John Malkovich stand at podiums reading bitter missives of a love gone south before using the sharpened reams of paper to try to take out one another’s jugulars. Or maybe it’s about an entrepreneur trying to juggle her career and a new relationship while receiving threatening comments on her blog as the Lifetime page about it says. Both seem equally plausible.

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