What To Watch: 06/09/2021

Marvel’s original pranskter god (sorry, Deadpool) gets his due as the long-awaited spin-off begins today and the early buzz is starting to reach 2021 cicada level drone! As our Katherine admits, that buzz is a bit less present for the latest from a promising Mexican director. Meanwhile, a cool looking Netflix post-(or pre-?)apocalyptic thriller lands somewhere in between.

Loki [Disney+]
He has arrived! Of all the MCU villains, Loki is a fan favorite and (easily) funny and complex enough to lead a series. As you may have guessed given the events of Endgame time plays a BIG part in this series so it could have a huge effect on what happens in the future of the MCU. Oh and Owen Wilson is really fun to watch as Mobius. And I think that Miss Minutes could sell a lot of merch.

Tragic Jungle [Netflix]
Set in 1920, a group of gum workers in the lawless territory between Mexico and Belize unwittingly awaken Xtabay, a legendary being, after crossing paths with a mysterious Belizean woman. Yulene Olaizola’s film has middling reviews, but one critic called the atmosphere “almost mystical uncertainty at times, setting her film in a place where the frontiers between countries, cultures, reality, folklore, past, and present,” and that may be good enough for me. (We can’t get Bacarau all the time!)

Fresh, Fried, and Crispy [Netflix]
If anyone tells you eating indulgent food in your car can’t lead to a successful gig, well, first, that’s a very strange unprompted advice, and then point them to Netflix and show them you can, as long as you YouTube yourself and have an infectious personality like Daym Drops. Daymon “Daym Drops” Patterson had his 2009 vid reviewing Five Guys go viral, and it’s been a dream for him since then, culminating in the debut of his Netflix food travel show. Now, I’m not one to get giddy about food shows, but this one looks like a whole lot of fun.

The Bold Type [Freeform, 10p]
Sutton continues to work through her divorce. After teasing her appearance for weeks it seems like this week we’ll actually see Adena! Maybe? 


  • A lifetime of attention to devices leaves our civilization, after a strange event, without electricity and unable to sleep. Netflix’s new thriller Awake looks into the chaos that ensues as our heroes try to get the one little girl able to sleep to safety while figuring out how to prevent extinction as sleeplessness leads swiftly to madness.
  • If anything could get us intrested in the goings-on of those ruling Vanderpumps (they are people, right?), it could be a dog show featuring their clan. It’s been given the basic title Vanderpump Dogs and it’s on the Peacock. Lisa Vanderpump is getting canines adopted, so there’s that at least.
  • There’s certainly much in both the seedy and above board worlds of college athletics to fit the VICE brand–young bros, gambling, carousing, corruption–so it’s not surprising that their latest documentary is College Sports, Inc. For all the mocking, their docs, at their best, are golden and illuminating. Their reporting on Charlotesville was genuinely hard-hitting and informative (although the fact its co-founder is a prominent Proud Boy-type, while no longer at the company, is less enthusing).
  • Remember back in the ’00s when VH1 tried to reunite a bunch of of-the-moment ’80s bands like A Flock of Seagulls, The Beat, and Romeo Void. That show was called Bands Reunited and it had its moments–more in the historical relevations or attempts by members to lure other members back to music than in the actual recordings. BET tries the same trick with BET Presents The Encore, but with ’90s/’00s R&B girl groups like 702 and Danity Kane. The latter is an interesting (or lazy) choice as they were actually created on the MTV show Making the Band.
  • If you have doubts whether Biden’s infrastructure bill should go through, maybe binge the Science Channel tonight where they give you a two-fer with Engineering Catastrophes and Impossible Engineering.
  • Lifetime’s only new offering tonight is a reunion episode of one from its let’s-make-dating-even-more-sad genre; it’s Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now?

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