What To Watch: 06/08/2021

It’s a big, if not banner, day in traditional television as a couple of superhero shows near the end of their seasonal runs as our favorite Bananarama-song named thriller amps up the tension (what’s in the snow globe, Jeanette?!). However, we’re going to lead with a 48-year-old horror flick from the late master that began its life as a PSA about elder abuse (really!).

The Amusement Park [Shudder]
The premier horror streaming service picks up a finally finished film from one of gore’s all-time greats George Romero. The Lutheran Church commissioned the late director of Night of the Living Dead and its sequels to create a novella of a film about the perils of ageism and elder abuse way back in the year of my birth (1973) and when they saw Romero’s vision of an old man beset by evil in a haunted theme park, they unsurprisingly hid it from view. A couple years ago it popped up from oblivion and debuted at Cannes in 2019 and now we in the hoi polloi can see it.

Cruel Summer [Freeform, 10p]
Only two episodes left! Last week we dug a little deeper into how Jeanette and Malory’s friendship fell apart. We also learned how Jeanette knew that Kate was missing before everyone else. It was chilling to watch Joy Wallis go to Martin Harris for advice and to see him encourage her not to contact the police. This week we’re back on Kate in the days following her kidnapping. How does she go from house guest to captive?

Superman & Lois [The CW, 9p]
We’re getting closer to the end of an exciting first season and it will take the combined forces of Lois, Chrissy, and Clark to save Metropolis. 


  • Cisco and Camilla are on their way out of town in this penultimate episode of the seventh season of The Flash on The CW. Could anything mess with their plans, you ask? Do you even watch TV?
  • Discovery+ keeps Earth Day with us all through the year with the oceanic ecology documentary Chasing the Thunder.

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