What To Watch: 06/06/2021

Gather round scholars and we’ll tell you tales of kings and birds, bards and dancers, voguers and zombies, all working together to make your Sunday viewing spectacular–or at least lightly enjoyable. We’ll start with a groundbreaking show which throws its final ball tonight, the category: finale extravaganza!

Pose [FX, 9p]
Seven episodes was never going to be enough. I am beyond not ready to say goodbye to these characters and this world. Last week we were treated to a beautiful episode full of hope and love. There were many opportunities for chaos or upsets and instead the writers gave us joy and wish fulfillment. I am forever grateful for this show’s refusal to lean on trauma to move the story forward.  Tonight we’re back in the ballroom, putting on one last show to solidify their legacy. 

Little Birds [Starz, 9p]
Anais Nin’s collection of erotic stories, published posthumously in the late 1970s, get an unlikely anthology adapation with the likes of Juno Temple and Hugh Skinner playing the intrepid lovers. The cinematography looks amazing for this six-episode mini-series of sorts. 

The 43rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors [CBS, 8p]
This year’s honorees are Debbie Allen, Joan Baez, Garth Brooks, Midori, and Dick Van Dyke. (You can also stream the tribute on Paramount+).


  • On a weird night for boxing, Showtime celebrates an era when pugilists weren’t battling bratty YouTube stars with The Kings. The four-part series digs into the four boxers who were poised to take the place of Muhammed Ali as the 1970s crashed into the 1980s, all of whom had cool-ass nicknames–Manos de Piedra, Marvelous, The Hitman, and, of course, Sugar Ray.
  • The heroes of another, as important, sport are featured on Food Network as The Great Food Truck Race: All-Stars begins tonight. See titans like Aloha Plate and the Middle Feast battle for ultimate vehicle-based culinary supremacy.
  • But the real battles for non-ball based sports are the famous folk who test their knowledge of what 100 randos might say about various topics while being mocked by Kenan Thom… we mean, Steve Harvey. Celebrity Family Feud returns on ABC tonight, bringing the more modern creation, The Chase, along with it, bringing a heavy dose of Jeopardy! champion realness. Oh, there’s also another season of the mainstay dating back to the 1950s, To Tell The Truth.
  • Over on Epix, the second season of War of the Worlds begins (it acually finishes up in France tomorrow night). While this iteration of the H.G. Wells classic has presumably not caused anyone to abandon their cars in New Jersey marshes, it does star Gabriel Byrne.
  • It’s never a positive sign when a show is abruptly removed from its spot during May sweeps only to be rushed through in June, but the good news for fans of Fox’s adaptation of The Moodys (presuming that there are some out there) is that you get two episodes tonight, and will at least get to see the remaining episodes. And the show has yet to be outright canceled.
  • We’ll end, as we love to do, over at Lifetime where the tv movie du jour is the awesomely titled Soccer Mom Madam, and do you even NEED to know more. If you do, it stars Jana Kramer as a divorced mother takes up a second career, slowly rising through the massage parlor ranks to become a player in the New York City prostitution scene. It’s so anticipated that Lifetime even has a by-the-hour countdown clock for it. Does Lifetime have its Sharknado moment–watch tonight.

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