What To Watch: 06/05/2021

It’s a day of the animals for new televised content and we’re not talking about the poorly shot disaster film starring a pre-Shirley Leslie Nielsen. We’ve got cats and meerkats and snakes, oh crikey! Here’s what we’ve got for a surprisingly active Saturday.

Kitty Love: An Homage To Cats [Netflix]
Start the weekend right with this cute-looking documentary about our (celebrity) feline overlords.

Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty [BBC America, 8p]
It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 17 years since these cute tribal creatures who are very good at standing swept the nation. You know what, they’re still very, very cute, so it’s cool that they’re back. 


  • The Irwin kids fearlessly march on, building upon their late charismatic dad’s legacy as they start another season of Crikey: It’s the Irwin’s on Animal Planet tonight.
  • Discovery+’s newest program Pushing The Lines does pretty much what the title says it does as people defy their boundaries be it heights, isolation or having to put together multiple seasons of this show.
  • As the title of HGTV’s Vacation House Rules would imply, it’s about getting the most out of recreational rental properties. Hosted by Scott McGilivray, it’s second season begins tonight.
  • Finally, it’s a busy night in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex). On Hallmark, we’ve got the multiple meaning, ’90s rom com referencing You Had Me at Aloha, which stars Pascale Hutton and Pavan Smith, and surprisingly takes place in romantic Des Moines, Iowa (I’m kidding, it’s Paterson, New Jersey). Lifetime follows the from-the-headlines-rip’t movie Gone Mom with a documentary about the story from whence it was rip’t, Beyond the Headlines: The Jennifer Dulos Story.

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