What To Watch: 06/04/2021

It’s not a bad Streaming Friday as we have a few new thrillers, including one from the King of them featuring Julianne Moore, as well as a new post-apocalyptic animal hybrid series.

Lisey’s Story [Apple TV]
Stephen King is bigger than ever. We’ve seen It, Pet Semetary and The Stand over the past few years. Up next is the eight episode adaptation of his 2006 novel Lisey’s Story for Apple TV. After he husband’s death a grieving widow finds out her spouse was not who she thought he was. Stephen himself wrote the teleplay so that is reason enough to check this out.

Sweet Tooth [Netflix]
It’s a future world where animal hybrids roam the land. Of course, there’s a force that wants them exterminated and another group who longs to protect them. It takes place in a landscape a bit more mystical and less grim than, say, The Walking Dead and promises a potentially engaging view if done well. 

Breaking Boundaries: The Secrets of our Planet [Netflix]
David Attenborough is back at it, with a 75-minute documentary looking at how we (not corporations, you and I!) ruined the planet.


  • Mae Martin’s critically acclaimed tale of a romance ripped from Martin’s own life, Feel Good, returns for a second and final season on Netflix in which Eve and John Ross Bowie joins Lisa Kudrow in the excellent supporting cast. Martin and Richie have shined in the indie-tinged tale of a comic who finds love with another tortured soul and this season is still bringing in the top reviews.
  • The Kandasamys of Chatsworth return for a third adventure with the Netflix movie Trippin’ with the Kandasamys as the Indian family from South Africa take to the road for more antics.
  • From Spain comes the action thriller Xtreme, the revenge tale of Max, a former hit man who must avenge the murder of his father and son at the unlikely hand of his brother. It is also on Netflix.
  • If you thought we were done with Netflix’s international offerings, boy are you wrong, as we also have the Korean drama Sweet & Sour, where the central couple find that staying in love is harder than falling in love. And that wraps up Netflix for the night.
  • Over on Hulu, The New York Times Presents: Who Gets To Be an Influencer? which would seem to be pretty straightforward. However, this one focuses on African Americans who have achieved social media fame and fortune and the extra struggles that accompany skin color in our society which is still racist even after Kendall Jenner gave a cop a Pepsi.
  • We’re not sure if it’s a new season of Emergency Call–the real-life 911 call show debuted on ABC in October of last year–but there will be new episodes with all new calls.
  • In Amazon Prime’s The Family Man, when people continue to not leave him alone, soft-spoken office worker Srikant gets embroiled in hardcore espionage. The action/adventure takes place in India.
  • Another day, another Shudder, and from the still above it would look like Stranger Things 5: Barb’s Revenge but in actuality, it’s the latest in one of the more critically popular series, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.
  • From Amazon Prime, we have the Brazilian thriller about Rio de Janeiro’s equivalent of White Boy Rick, Dom.
  • Finally, we rest in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) where the Lifetime’s newest is the series Cellmate Secrets and, yeah, we’re just not gonna touch that one. You can pretty much guess the rest.

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