What To Watch: 06/03/2021

Today’s recs are focused on women who kill: online, on the runway, and in their homes.

Why Women Kill [Paramount+]
The second season of this anthology moves it to the relatively new Paramount+. It’s always had a noir-ish ’40s feel even as it jumped around through time; however, this season all the action takes place in 1949. And what a cast, led by Alison Tolman and Nick Frost.

Legendary [HBO Max]
Five houses remain and this week promises EXTRAVAGANCE.  After these last two weeks, I am very excited to see what the House of Tisci has in store for us. 

Keeping Up with the Kardashians [E!, 8p]
In tonight’s “finale” (the Kardashians are moving to Hulu, so this long, tortured reality saga is not yet behind us, America) the family takes “one last trip” to Lake Tahoe (as if they’ll never go to Tahoe again?) as a means to reminisce for a series clip show. Could be a fun way to dive in before watching the new series or bingeing the last 11 seasons!


  • The talented person dresses up as a different gender (or, worse, race) has led to some terribly exploitive movies and TV, but does that still apply when it’s a talented female dancer who dresses up like a man dressed as a woman in order to help a drag troupe win a contest. Even after watching the trailer for Netflix’s Dancing Queens, we’re not entirely sure. It does look like a solid entry in the we-may-be-ragtag-but-let’s-win-this-dance-contest trope, a well-traveled, but usually fun genre.
  • It’s Fox’s Name That Tune for this generation (although there is also a reboot of Name That Tune out there and hosted by Jane Krackowski and also on Fox) featuring a product placement for an app that seems archaic at this point. Beat Shazam is hosted by Jamie Foxx and it’s a fun competitive journey through pop history.
  • Mexican comedian Alex Saldaña is in parental humor mode with his latest Netflix hourlong special: Alex Saldaña: Locked Up.
  • In the vein of No One Knows About Persian Cats, but maybe with more in common with Moxie from earlier this year, it’s the fictional tale of a punk band with all arab female members, We Are Lady Parts. It’s on Peacock and it looks like another film from a well-worn, but usually enjoyable trope–that of the getting-the-band-together genre.
  • Shudder keeps pushing out the thrills and Caveat looks extra creepy. Partial amnesiac Isaac takes a job looking after his landlord’s psychologically distressed niece Olga. Ordered to remain in the house (for whatever reason), he has to battle both his deranged charge and his own creeping-in memories (which will no doubt converge in some way, shape, or form if we’ve watched horror films).
  • Over in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), we’ve got one new piece of content and it’s the simply named The Perfect Wedding on Lifetime Movie Network. Based on the broken wine glass on the Lifetime page, we’re guessing the perfection of the nuptuals is merely a facade. What’s your perfect wedding? Write your comments below, smash that like button, subscribe so you get the newest videos and other content. Use Squarespace for all your web hosting needs. Or don’t. They’re not paying us any money and we’ve never used them once.

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