What To Watch: 06/02/2021

It’s a good day for new streaming (Streaming Wednesday, anyone) as both a new and intriguing Spanish-language show begins and a sitcom with a huge cult following returns (both on Netflix). Also, the yellingist cooking show comes back.

Carnaval [Netflix]
“An influencer learns there’s more to life than likes when she takes a girls’ trip to Bahia during Carnaval,” is how I described this Spanish-language comedy in this month’s trailer roundup. I left out how nice it will be to see sweaty, celebratory crowds onscreen. Take me away to Bahia!

Kim’s Convenience [Netflix]
The other gently comic, quirky family based Canadian comedy returns for a fifth season as the Kim family still have more humorous stories set in that small Toronto shop. Is it obvious I have yet to binge this beloved show? It’s on my to-do list, I promise. But if you’re a fan, here’s your reminder it’s back–and if you’ve got it on your queue like me, here’s a reminder to give it a chance. 

MasterChef [Fox, 8p]
Gordon Ramsey and the gang are back for a new season of the premier cooking show. Home cooks try their best to impress the judges and win challenges and competitions to become… you guessed it?! a master chef. Think of it as Hell’s Kitchen fun, but less professional sibling. Watch hungry!  

The Bold Type [Freeform, 10p]
Jane needs to get to the bottom of an inconsistency, Sutton makes a step forward in her career and Kat runs into an old friend (Is it Adena? I hope it’s Adena!)


  • Family Karma?! Really, Bravo. Well, maybe beyond the name it’s a good thing, but then it’s Bravo. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had a great joke about the network and its transformation, but I could not find it, and this miiiiight just not be the best time to quote Elle Kemper. Her show hasn’t been on for at least a year.
  • While VICE does not seem to want to particularly promote it for some reason, Jonathan Van Ness hosts a documentary looking back at the many missteps as society often failed to fight a pandemic b/c of who its main victims were. Vice Versa: The Neglected Pandemic – 40 Years of HIV & AIDS airs tonight. And this might be VICE’s worst use of irony that they are not directly promoting this (and we’re talking about THE hipster icon of the non-music press).
  • And we’re just going to mention that Lifetime is airing a BTS special called Married at First Sight: Couples Cam and then sneak off to the shower to curl up into a ball. Good night, America!

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