What To Watch: 06/01/2021

Happy Day After Memorial Day. Also, Happy Pride Month. Our top rec speaks to one of the more complex issues in the LGBTQ+ world–gendered college sports. We also have the latest episode of a great CW superhero series and a thrilling docu-series about how we are living longer… and sometimes even better.

Changing the Game [Hulu]
Hulu looks at the contentious battle in the sports world over transgender rights, focusing on a group of college athletes who are trying to break barriers. It’s not the easiest of topics to wrestle with (no pun intended, but one of the main subjects is a wrestler), but ultimately how do you tell someone they cannot compete in the gender that they are–how is that different than telling them to be someone you are not.

Superman & Lois [The CW, 9p]
Even superheroes have human problems. Clark notices Lois is at a breaking point and pleads with her to seek some help. Given certain revelations about possible futures and alternate worlds you can’t blame her. Ok so mane superhero problems AREN’T like ours…

Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer [PBS, 8p]
A year after wondering what it was like trying to keep people at home for the Spanish flu (I recommend This Podcast Will Kill YouPBS delivers with tonight’s finale, looking at behavior and education in a 19th Century Viennese maternity hospital, facemasks and lockdowns used to combat the Spanish flu 100 years ago, and today’s… struggles. 

Cruel Summer [Freeform, 9p]
This week we’re back on Jeanette as we continue to unravel this story. Jeanette has proof that Kate hasn’t been truthful, will it be enough to convince a jury? To convince the town? I really hope that we come away understanding that even if Kate did show up at Martin’s house, the kidnapping was not her fault. 

  • Will Arnett returns to hosting duty for a second term of that Fox show where grown folk play with interlocking blocks to make Tournament of Roses level creations. It’s LEGO Masters.
  • It’s easy to forget that due to the global pandemic we’re slowly emerging from that 2021 is an Olympics year and wonder why Howie Mandel and the rest of the judges of NBC’s The Gong Show writ large are using so many Olympic metaphors. In any case, we’ll see if the America’s Got Talent players elevate their game to gold medal levels.
  • The Syndicate: Double or Nothing is the fourth series (five years after the second) of a dramatic anthology about the life changes of lottery winners. There was an American version in between which did about as well as the infamous 1983 flop The Lottery. This season is about a team of kennel workers who find out someone else claimed their 27m pound prize and now they have to fight.

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