What To Watch: 05/30/2021

What’s in that photograph, Chief? Whatever it is, please get the news to Mare so that her fate does not get worse. We also have new episodes of other terrific shows like that one about ’90s voguing and the other about ’80s stock market refugees in the ’90s. On a more serious tip, a close look at one of America’s great crimes and tragedies that is finally getting light shed on it.

Mare of Easttown [HBO Max]
This drama has been an exercise in endurance. It’s not easy, but it is arresting (no pun intended) television. Bleak as it is the performances have been a revelation and today we will see how it all ends. A river. A rescue and fight. I have a feeling that as many questions are answered more will present themselves. Season 2 anyone?

Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre [History, 8p]
Is the History Channel getting back to its roots? In any case, it’s good to see even more coverage of the 100th anniversary of one of the worst chapters in an American history that sadly has a lot of those–and it’s calling it what it is, a massacre. Amazingly, there are still survivors (one 107) from the time when Black people getting anything good for themselves meant white people had to come in and destroy it, while killing hundreds of innocent people.

Pose [FX,  9p]
Papi’s got a kid, Angel has to deal. Will getting their marriage license end up being more of a challenge than they thought? Fun how it’s almost thirty years later and one pesky letter on an ID can derail a person’s life. 


  • This week’s episode of Showtime’s Black Monday should be big on the Tiff and Corky shenanigans, which is good as the longtime improv and writing partners Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael are hilarious together Raphael’s real-life husband Paul Scheer’s Keith gets caught up in his usual delusions while Blair, Mo and Dawn are still figuring relationships out.
  • The premise behind the new Cooking Channel show Snackmasters is a intriguing, if a bit product placement-y. Chefs try to figure out and replicate famous mass-produced foods. After the chefs offer their proposal, we get to see the inside scoop about how the actual makers create the snacks. First up, it’s the most sharable candy around, the Kit Kat bar.
  • Reelz continues its alternately rock genuflecting then morbidity obsessed ways with a pair of docs on a late married couple of country music royalty. It starts with the perfectly acceptable and tempting Johnny Cash: The Man in Black, but the channel ruins it with the death porn of Autopsy: The Last Hours of June Carter Cash.
  • ID plays into our national obsession with borderline personality disorders as it brings back Signs of a Psychopath.

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