What To Watch: 05/29/2021

It’s a Saturday so there’s not too much to talk about–crazy weather we’ve been having, huh? It sure has messed with the schedule of the local sports team. There are a few things, led by our one recommendation for the day: an HBO movie ripped-from-the-political-headlines with a cast led by two of our favorites, Luther‘s Ruth Wilson and Fleabag‘s Andrew Scott.

Oslo [HBO, 8p]
J.T. Rogers wrote the script for this adaptation of his Tony-award winning play about back-channel negotiations in 1993 between Norwegians, Israelis, and Palestinians leading to a peace accord. Thank goodness they fixed that. 


  • The above picture is more than a little disturbing, but we will say of the popular TLC series, the one which–based on its title alone–we are most tempted to watch is 90 Days: Foody Call. This one is actually on Discovery+.
  • We’ve seen a surprising number of football (soccer football) movies lately and the latest is the profile of the legendary Man U coach Alex Ferguson: Never Give In on Paramount+. And that’s all we have. Enjoy your Saturday.

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