What To Watch: 05/28/2021

It’s Streaming Friday, and, yes, Mean Girls, we’re gonna keep trying to make Streaming Friday happen. To that end, we have the return of two crotchety old man/acting legends, a new YA series, the return of the most charming little Devil, and one of the BreakingBadaverse’s most imposing figures doing comedy.

Panic [Amazon Prime]
This one-hour thriller/drama is an adaptation of the young adult series of the same name by Lauren Oliver. All ten episodes will debut today, about a group of teens trying to escape their small down through a series of challenges (but not the fun kind).

The Kominsky Method [Netflix]
While the familiar banter between Michael Douglas’ neurotic acting teacher Sandy and Alan Arkin’s crusty agent Norman could get a bit rehearsed and tired at times, and the situations of the comedy can be a bit less-than-compelling at times, more often that not it was still just something special to watch these two veterans humorously spar over both the vital and the trite. We’ll see how the show handles Arkin’s exit. It is somewhat hopeful that Kathleen Turner and Paul Reiser get more screentime. 

Mythic Quest [AppleTV]
Poor Carol. If you are working in HR, the last place you want to find yourself is working for the biggest MMO out there. She has to hear about everything from romantic foibles to sex dreams about coworkers. But in this week’s episode she may reach her breaking point. And I’m sure the will they won’t they drama between Poppy and Ian continues.


  • The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world his show was long ago cancelled. Lucifer, which began its life on Fox, begins the second half of its second season on Netflix (fifth overall)–while a sixth has already been granted the smooth-talking demon of hellfire. One definite positive in this half-season: more Dennis Haysbert as, who else, God!
  • In the TV world of minor league demons and deities who just won’t die, James Spader’s Redd Reddington is a little from column A and a little from column B on his CBS series. The latest episode of the persistent The Blacklist features the most eloquent list member name yet in Balthazar “Bino” Baker.
  • And for inner demons, we have a follow up to the ex-Prince/Queen of Media mash-up/collaboration for good The Me You Can’t See: A Path Forward on Apple TV.
  • Natalie Morales has brought a spark to every TV show and movie she has appeared in, and it’s still a shame her showcase sitcom Abby’s never quite clicked–she was still charming and funny on it. And so it goes with her directorial debut Plan B whose sitcom is downright funny and whose awkward teenage buddy vibe recalls movies like Juno, SuperBad and as ref’d in trailer itself Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. The day after losing her virginity, an awkward teen girl goes on a quest with her equally awkward bestie–a task made especially hard by the fact they are deep in the U.S. heartland. Will there be a scene where they are denied service by a gawky convenience store cashier? You know there will be (seriously, that scene is in the trailers for ALL 4 MOVIES!)
  • If you’re looking for a fun revenge series and either know Spanish or don’t mind subtitles, Amazon Prime’s Parot follows the hunt for a murderer who is targeting 100 released convicts and killing them in the method they did away with their (alleged) victims.
  • If your mood runs even darker, the Film Movement Channel is offering the debut of Rwandan director Joel Karezeki, The Mercy of the Jungle, about a pair of soldiers from his home country separated from their troop and left to fend for themselves in the middle of a wartorn land.
  • You most likely recognize stand-up Lavell Crawford as Huell, sleazy law-talking guy Saul Goodman’s mountain of a bodyguard/henchman on both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. If you knew him before that, it was for finishing second to Joe Reep on a season of Last Comic Standing. Crawford is quite funny, so you’d be wise to check out his Showtime special, Lavell Crawford: The Comedy Vaccine, debuting tonight.
  • The PBS special One Voice: The Songs We Share promises music that “transcend[s] time and genre” which is something you could say about this show–at least the “time” aspect of it–as PBS has been making these Broadway showcases at least as long as the writer of this round-up has been alive.
  • Our journey to the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) is a short and simple one as the new Lifetime movie is the sleekly titled Evil Stepmom. And we’re done here.

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