What To Watch: 05/27/2021

This may not be the ideal audience to lead with tonight’s big reunion as Friends was the highest seed so far to be eliminated from our tournament (and vote here for the current group btw). And what’s more, it was not even close! Could there BE any more dissonance? In any case, it’s the big news of the TV night–along with the annual charity event on Friends‘ home for a decade where NBC network celebrates the release of cinema’s all-time classic: Patch Adams… or it’s umpteenth weird video game as it seems to mostly be an episode of The Wall.

Friends: The Reunion [HBO Max]
I’m watching the Friends reunion because there aren’t enough reasons out there to make me feel old. But before I get my aarp card, it’s a charming stroll down memory lane seeing the (lily white) cast in one place again. Was friends as good as you remember? Eh.. maybe? But it was definitely as Caucasian. So watch and remember and see that we have come a ways as far as representation goes. Yet still so far to go. Hey how you doin? Grab your hankies and sing “Smelly Cat.

From Cradle to Stage [Paramount+]
Dave and Virginia Grohl’s show about motherhood is Brandi and Teresa Carlile. I know, Brandi’s the folk singer who wrote and sang “The Mother.” 

The Challenge: All Stars [Paramount+]
Part two of the final is upon us! Last week we left off on our challengers dealing with the after effects of eating carolina reapers. This week we’ll see who is able to continue on up the mountain and win the $500k grand prize. 


  • Man, England does this way better, but it’s Red Nose Day again where celebrities get together to raise awareness of (and funds for) child poverty. Longtime supporter, Nerdist founder, and frequent girlfriend assaulter Chris Hardwick hosts the event which seems to consist mainly of an episode of his game show The Wall.
  • In the second part of a two day series, BET looks into realistic ways to overcome systemic racism and police oppression on Justice Now: The Way Forward.
  • Meanwhile, VICE looks at the other side of the coin–as they are wont to do–with Fanatics: The Deep End. They are not being overly forthcoming with the info, but the hyperlinked PR page says it has to do with obsessive youth culture.
  • Magne continues to search for answers regarding the ancient, mythical, mystical force holding his town hostage in the second season of the Norwegian Netflix import Ragnarok.
  • Speaking of Scandinavian fiction, if you thought they had the monopoly on moody, darn murder mysteries, check out the highly anticipated Israeli program (also on Netflix), Black Space, about the investigation into the gory murder of four high school students.
  • While the idea of a group of poor foundlings join a fishing competition to save their orphanage sounds like a twist on one of the oldest cliche plots in the book, the Mexican Netflix movie Blue Miracle is truly based on the true story of Casa Hogar.
  • And now’s when we use that darkly inspirational story to segue from a series with four murdered teens to that great place of wonder and wishes. The new Rugrats series debuts today featuring all the original character voices–alongside some cool new ones in Tony Hale, Nicole Byer, and Natalie Morales. It’s on Paramount+.

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