What To Watch: 05/26/2021

For all the aspirant–or once aspirant–journalists out there, the Freeform show The Bold Type has been exciting television (and critics have also been fans). Sadly, this fifth season will be the last, but the good news is there are still six more episodes before the grand finale. There’s also a bunch of fun new competitions, including Joel McHale sleuthing soups and other foods, and the returns of the revivals of a pair of classic game shows, so let’s get going.

The Bold Type [Freeform, 10p]
The girls are back for their 5th and final season. This season promises to explore the bright futures of Kat, Sutton and Jane while still letting them be their messy selves. Can’t wait to see what direction they each go in and their antics along the way. 

Crime Scene Kitchen [Fox, 9p]
The premise for this Joel McHale-hosted series is so outlandish and obscure that, well, I’m there for it. Bakers are shown remnants–crumbs really–of devoured desserts and have to guess at what it was and then recreate the sweet concoction. Sugar is a powerful drug! Another plus: one of the judges is Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake It! 

Press Your Luck [ABC, 8p]
I’m not the only Gen X’er who has fond nostalgia for this thrillride of a game show. Well, my friends, it’s back! Hosted by Elizabeth Banks (is there anything she can’t do?) this reboot has everything we loved about the original .. including those pesky Whammies. Big money big money no Whammies!


  • The Netflix Italian import Baggio: The Divine Ponytail recreates the life of soccer/football superstar Roberto Baggio who presumably had a certain type of hairstyle in his playing days. Hopefully as soccer movies ripped from real life go, this one is closer to The Damned United than United Passions.
  • In 1999, London was beset by a racist serial bomber who struck fear in the hearts of the UK populace with three detonations over three weekends, killing three while maiming over 100. The striking, fast-paced Netflix documentary Nail Bomber: Manhunt chronicles the investigation to make sure the bomber (or bombers) reign of terror did not go into a fourth weekend.
  • More Netflix: two scientists attempt to find scientific proof and reasoning for ghosts, and presumably, given they live in a horror movie, find more than they bargained for in the Thai import Ghost Lab.

  • It’s a busiest name at the site that has become synonymous with streaming as Netflix’s newest docu-series High on the Hog examines the influence of African American cooking on the overall American cuisine.
  • On a more serious racial tip, BET looks at how far we have come in the quest for equal rights and sadly, the long road we have yet to travel after a year filled with loudmouths, white nationalists and tragedy, with Justice Now: Race & Reckoning. Hosted by Soledad O’Brien (and if you don’t follow her on Twitter, you really should). 
  • As all of our editors rent, and at least three of us are over 40, the whole 40 Year Old Property Virgin (while we know it’s just a lazy pun on the surprise hit 2005 Steve Carrell film) feels a bit too judgy. It’s on Discovery+.

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