What To Watch: 05/18/2021

If you’re a fan of the love life of superheroes who are seemingly of steel or of a taut timebending thriller named after a Bananarama song, then you are in luck. We’re also here for those of you who love intelligent docu-series and/or who hope to live forever (or as long as humanly possible. Anyone else…. well, we might have something for you too. This is especially true if you’re looking for a Hindi-language rom-com, to gawk at freakish plastic surgeries, or to unravel unfathomably sad true crime mysteries of the last five years.

Superman & Lois [The CW, 9p]
Fan response to this new DC series has been very positive and for good reason. The shown focuses on the titular couple as parent and has proven to be poignant. The show is back tonight after a short hiatus and lois finds a new ally as she investigates Morgan Edge. Clark is torn about Jordan playing football. But wouldn’t you be if you son potentially had the powers of Superman?

Cruel Summer [Freeform] 
All eyes are on Jeanette as we head into this next episode. Looks like we are going to dig a little deeper into Jeanette’s reinvention and how the Turner family fell apart. Maybe we’ll learn where her mother ran off to in ‘95? 

Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer [PBS, 8p]
This new, four-part series will examine medical innovation that has doubled life expectancy across the globe. Tonight’s episode is about vaccines, and will hopefully quell the arguments that “the vaccine happened too fast” (it didn’t) for people who are refusing to get it. The series will look at other pandemics in future episodes.


  • The new Discovery docu-series Broken Harts, inspired by the podcast of a similar name, attempts to unravel one of the saddest mysteries of the last decade–the story of two women and their adoptive kids who died in a 2018 van crash, a likely murder-suicide planned by one of the two moms.
  • If you’re a surgery-gone-wrong sorta peep, you’re in luck as the seventh season of E!’s Botched return for the latest batch of body-morphing mistakes for Drs. Dubrow and Nassib to fix.
  • Netflix’s latest Indian import is the generation-spanning rom com Sardar Ka Grandson loosely centered around a 90-year-old woman’s return to her childhood home.

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