What To Watch: 05/12/2021

If you’ve followed politics at all and are over a certain age, you’ll surely heard the folly of the NRA/Repiblicans constant call of “so & so wants to take your guns.” It’s been said of every Democratic president since at least Jimmy Carter, all of whom barely enacted serious legislation to limit who can have a gun, let alone sent jack-booted thugs to wrestle firearms from our citizens. Samantha Bee takes back the phrase in her latest very special episode. Meanwhile tonight, a highly promising Netflix sitcom debuts and we get a new season of one of the classic MTV gawk-at-the-stupid-rich reality shows.

The Upshaws [Netflix]
After becoming known for its prestige programs, Netflix has begun to stock up on old-style sitcoms, which for the most part have looked about as instantly appealing as Yes, Dear or She’s the Sheriff. However, this one, while it has the laughtrack, also has Wanda Sykes, who’s known for being picky about the projects she chooses. Its trailer has the feel of one of the better episodes of Sanford & Son and the early buzz hints at some subversiveness and depth. It also features Kim Fields and Mike Epps so that does not hurt. 

The Hills: New Beginnings [MTV, 9p]
Audrina, Brody, Frankie, Heidi and Spencer, Jason, Justin Bobby, and their friends reunite after a year of lockdown. If they fight at a club because someone went to a house party during lock down, I hope someone screams, “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!” with no elaboration while slowly backing out the fire exit. 

Full Frontal Wants To Take Your Guns [TBS, 10:30p]
No one’s coming for your guns. Voice of reason Sam Bee lays out the reasons.

Kids Say The Darndest Things [CBS, 8p]
Tune in for your weekly cuteness overload! Tiffany Hadish teams up with Cedric the Entertainer to interview a set of identical twins.

  • Fruit from the same Laguna Beach tree as the show Katherine rec’d above, MTV’s Siesta Key returns for a fourth season of deception and light debauchery–in this case in Florida.
  • Mexican Netflix import Dance of the 41 is ripped from that country’s headlines, telling the story of a man who marries a Mexican President’s daughter while secretly in love with a young man.
  • The streaming service’s French import du jour comes in the form of the thriller Oxygen–a taut thriller in which a woman wakes up in a cryogenic tube unable to remember her name while battling time as the titular substance begins to run out.
  • We’re slightly embarrassed to be a bit geeked out at the premise of the latest HGTV show (streaming on Discovery+). Clipped features topiary artists battling for a 50k prize. And with that, the last skill to get a reality competition show is off the board. Close this site up!

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