What To Watch: 05/11/2021

It’s a great day for informative viewing–that is if you haven’t got hooked by the multi-timeline Freeform fabulousness that is Cruel Summer.

Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer [PBS, 8p]
This new, four-part series will examine medical innovation that has doubled life expectancy across the globe. Tonight’s episode is about vaccines, and will hopefully quell the arguments that “the vaccine happened too fast” (it didn’t) for people who are refusing to get it. The series will look at other pandemics in future episodes.

Money, Explained [Netflix]
I could certainly use this even after 40++ years on Earth, and this one has some cool cartoons!

Cruel Summer [Freeform, 9p]
Last week we learned more about Kate’s time in captivity and the ways in which her kidnapping was set in motion. It’s really interesting to see examples of grooming called out explicitly (especially for the network that gave us Pretty Little Liars’ Aria and Erza). Very happy to see this shift! Tonight the saga continues, this time at the County Fair. 


  • Compared to the women in the picture, anyone would look tremendously swift, but The Flash is still the fastest flame on the Earth. This week he needs the shoulder of the awesomely named Timeless Wells.
  • If you’re looking for under-the-radar historical moments that are even further outside the books than Howard Zinn, check out America’s Book of Secrets: Special Edition. History… on the History Channel?
  • TLC chimes in with the return of Little People, Big World, so there’s that.

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