What To Watch: 05/10/2021

Call it Monster Monday (or don’t because that sounds a bit too much like this guy), but it’s not your conventional monsters that are the focus of our recs. We’ve got an American terrorist, an addictive scourge, and cartoon madness.

The Crime of the Century [HBO, 9p]
Alex Gibney’s two-part documentary examines Big Pharma’s “over-production, reckless distribution, and mass abuse of synthetic opiates,” which has killed over half a million Americans in the last decade. 

I, Sniper [Vice, 10p]
Part of me wants this ignored as fear porn, but the other part of me lived through the 2002 DC sniper shooting. Even though, I was in Jersey City, I still skipped in weird directions when I passed the giant slatted parking garage across the street from my apartment complex, in case he decided to drive up the Thruway and get off at the last turnoff before the Holland Tunnel. Unlikely, but it was a truly scary time. When we found out that one of the snipers was just a kid, it became even darker.

Final Space [TBS, 10:30p]
After losing a member of the crew, tensions are tight on this underrated animated space show.


  • Not sure how Lifetime and Variety will handle the topic of women in comedy–a little concerning that the first image we found was of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, unquestionably funny, but she’s an actress who never did standup and came from money, not the epitome of struggle. But then women in comedy are not a monolith either, so hopefully Lifetime Presents Variety’s Power of Women: The Comedians is even-handed and great. From the trailer, it’s clearly SNL-centric.
  • While Blinded: Those Who Kill sounds like it could be on Lifetime, it’s actually the latest Acorn TV import from Europe (Denmark to be specific), centered around fictional criminologist Louise Bergstein. Her first case for her first season has her trying to help a woman whose likely murdered (then) 18-year-old son has not returned.
  • Over on the most emo superhero show, The CW’s Black Lightning, Jefferson finally agrees to allow help as Lynn reaches a life-changing crossroads. And that’s all we’ve got for this Monday.

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