What To Watch: 05/07/2021

It’s a huge Streaming Friday led by a superhero comic adaptation’s long-awaited debut, a nerdgasmy comedy about video game construction comes back for a second season, and Aidy Bryant’s brilliant take as columnist Lindy West returns for its third, and sadly final season. Let’s go right to the videotape…

Jupiter’s Legacy [Netflix]
What would you do if Superman was your father? How would you act? Would it be hard to live up to expectations? These are questions asked in this adaptation of a classic comic. The first series from Kick Ass creator and comics legend Mark Millar’s deal with Netflix. If the series is as good as the comic it’s based get ready. Kids these days, huh?

Shrill [Hulu]
Aidy Bryant is back and making her directorial debut on the third and final season of Shrill. Also, why are seasons becoming shorter and shorter? I digress… this season, newly single Annie is putting all her energy into her career after her break up (been there) and trying to figure out if success is all it’s cracked up to be. Meanwhile, things are heating up for Fran and Emily. 

Mythic Quest [AppleTV]
Poppi is a co-creator on the game now (and well-deserved) and meek, yet loveable David is back, but that just ensures more crazy shenanignans on this insane and hilarious comedy starring It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenny as an egocentric genius trainwreck. Also, it has F. Murray Abraham. F! Murray! Abraham!

Triple D Nation [Food, 9p]
Guy and Hunter go to the Florida Keys, Philly, and St. Paul. They promise food from the seas and plenty of cheese.


  • With mixed reviews, but also with a compelling story, powerful trailer, and an inspired cast that includes Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright, Nas, and Jharrel Jerome, Monster (initially called All Rise) makes its way to Netflix so you can be the judge, but have your handkerchiefs ready–and then convert to tissues, b/c that’s disgusting.
  • From the Quentin Tarantino school of scriptwriting–where real stories are given the karmic endings they deserve–comes the Thai Netflix series Girl From Nowhere returns for a second season of eight new from-the-headlines-rip’t stories.
  • For more horror, there’s the Shudder film Fried Barry from South Africa about a dirtbag who walks out on his family, is promptly abducted by aliens, one of whom returns to Earth in Barry’s skin for an otherworldly bender. The production video looks straight-to-Rifftrax, but who knows, maybe director Ryan Kruger is the next John Carpenter.
  • While it’s not Live Aid, the new multi-network funds and awareness raising star-studded variety show from the Global Citizen folks is Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World. Performers include (as seen above) J-Lo, Selena Gomez, and the Foo Fighters. It would appear this is not the concert itself but a special, as the event does not happen until tomorrow, and not even Dave Grohl has perfected time travel yet.
  • If you’re looking for something light and mystical to watch with your kids, the magical mystery tour of Ghostwriter returns on AppleTV today.
  • Let’s finish this up with tonight’s cinematic offering from Lifetime and it’s a doozy–or at least its title is. LMN brings us Deceived by my Mother-In-Law which makes us think that maybe m-i-l’s need a better PR firm b/c for all the hate they get, all the Screen Scholars editors interviewed here absolutely adore their mothers-in-law.

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